One Big Step for Independence and One Huge Step for Tenacity

September 15 2017:

Walked Lillian over to the lodge about 30 minutes ago. She packed her lunch, laptop, book, artwork and other items. Working on being solo in a semi-public area ….

She had a big fall on the way over and scraped her knee in a huge way! Pain is always triple for her as would be typically.

She sat in the grass and waited for me to get a napkin and wound spray and then she continued on to the lodge. She’s in pain but still over there. Next up is walking over with all her belongings without me. xoxo

She did awesome! Yet, she’s got a baseball size scrape and bruise on her knee. The fall she took was pretty rough on concrete as she was coming down a slight slope of a grassy hill …

We have indeed come a long way as in the past this would have caused her to throw up from the pain. Oceans of love and hugs to all of you! xoxo

**Update** October 3 2017: Lillian finally left the house for the first time since the fall. We went for a short walk! YAY! Her knee is still sore, yet, we’re almost there.

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