My Love is Always There


November 30 2013:

The making of homemade gifts has begun! Thomas just wrapped me a box bursting with love … He says there’s so much love in it he had problems taping it! He’s been making gifts all morning since the poor little fella made an inappropriate choice this morning and fibbed about washing his hair. He’s still grasping that this Momma mostly knows when he’s not being truthful.

I had to explain to him that my love for him has nothing to do with whether he tells me the truth or fibs. My love is always there. I explained that he can always tell me the truth … the sky will not fall and the world will not end when he is honest with me.

I explained that it’s his hair. He can choose whether or not to wash it. I will most likely say “Okay” if he chooses not to wash his hair one time and if it continues it will be his choice if he has stinky, dirty hair ….

He was so upset with himself … My heart overflows with love … Sharing the overflow as virtual hugs with all who want or need it … xoxo

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