They Were the Beginning of the Journey Within


November 7 2012:

I am not the same person I was before these two people came into my life. They have rocked my world, turned it upside down, inside out, shaken it up, (kinda makes me think of the hokey pokey song!!). They, each in their own way, have been a catalyst for my growth and learning.

She has taught me about acceptance of myself and others, compassion for others, letting go of judgmental thoughts, flexibility, and releasing expectations. He has taught me patience, not taking actions and comments of others personally, and simply keeps me on this learning journey with all his ups and downs. I am GRATEFUL beyond words for these two young people in my life, my 6 yr old son Thomas and 11 yr old daughter, Lillian.

They were the beginning of a journey that has definitely not been easy at times, a journey into facing fears, changing thought patterns for the better and continually learning so that I can be the best teacher to them that I can be and so that I model what I think is in their best interest. It’s been one heck of an adventure and I’m thankful to each of them for the change they began in me ….

Thomas and Lillian 11.7.12

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