Another Small Step to Independence – Lillian Darnell

December 9 2017:

One more task I have been relieved of helping with. It seems so small and trivial, yet, Lillian feels she must have a dab of peppermint oil rubbed under her nose before going to bed.

There have been many times I was incredibly tired and ready for bed long before she got to this step. Doing her routine and all the steps in order is vital to Lillian …. in her mind and way of thinking.

This was the last task I was helping with that kept me from going to bed when my body and mind were ready. Best, Best, Best Christmas present Ever!!

For about the past 6 months, on the 3rd of every month, Lillian chooses one task to take over that I’ve still been helping with. I was firm that for December, this was it!!! HA!!! Hallelujah ….

Lillian's Post About Essential Oil 12.9.17

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