Life Loves Me


July 20 2015:

Such a wonderful walk this morning, surrounded by a symphony of birds, butterflies, and dragonflies. This morning the mantra was “Life loves me” with thoughts of gratitude for these legs and feet that assist me in going for these walks, these eyes that allow me to see all the love, the ears that allow me to hear the love, the water that I drink to love my body, and whatever I experienced in the moment.

Immediately upon my return, Lillian began escalating into a full blown melt down. I continued the earlier mantra in my thoughts and was able to remain calm. I suggested to Lillian that we take a break and focus on something else for a few minutes before she expanded (her word for blowing up); and then we could come back and continue our conversation. She said “Okay”.

We did that and afterwards I said, “Now, let’s talk.” She said, “About what. Everything’s okay now.” Good job Lillian!! That is huge for her! We are making progress! Wahoo!

And life does indeed love us. May you make this your mantra for today and let life LOVE you … xoxo

Life Loves Me Walk 7.20.15

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