Where Would You Fly Book Signing and Magical Holiday Special

November 9 2018:

Camilla and Lillian with an update for Where Would You Fly and a special announcement!!! Please excuse the pause in the beginning. My laptop froze right after clicking the “Go Live” button and all we could see was a huge black square! So odd! It kept recording the entire time; yet, was frozen. Had to shut it down to stop the recording. Wheeee … Technology fun! xoxo

Here’s the special Lillian created with her magic wand and fairy dust …

All three books for $40 + $5 shipping for a total of $45 (regularly $55 for all three).


10% off any one book + $3 shipping

$13.50 for D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance – $16.50 total with shipping

$18.00 for Biggest Little Photographer – $21 total with shipping

$13.50 for Where Would You Fly and Other Magical Stories – $16.50 total with shipping

You can use this PayPal link. Just enter your amount and note which book(s) you would like and your mailing address.


You can also comment here with your email address if you’d like a different payment method.

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