Intentions and Stairs and Sun Tea

Lillian had a great day at physical therapy yesterday. She said, “yes” to getting on the ladder and went up one step … FOUR times! YAY!!

She also told me that she going to use the stairs at least one time at the Chromosome 18 conference in San Antonio. We’ve been to this hotel before and she already knows what it’s like. There are stairs from the lobby to the 2nd floor meeting rooms and 4 years ago we had to take the elevator every time.

On Sunday she told me that in May or June she will start crossing the foot bridge (on the trail around the lake) without holding onto my arm so that she can practice for doing it along the riverwalk in San Antonio. Also, she wants to walk the entire Damonte Ranch Loop (about 4 or 5 miles) a few more times before going to San Antonio so that she can be prepared to walk as much as we’d like while there.

Then, we had a wonderful session with Alexa, her psychotherapist.

During the appointment I shared about what we’ve been up to these past 2 weeks and how it’s been going. The stories and words I shared brought tears to her eyes and she commented how much it touched her.

I am grateful and blessed that I have chosen the path of facing my own fears, becoming intimate with my emotions, traveling the path of a simpler life, and have learned the art of mindfulness … so that I can allow Thomas and Lillian to learn by example and involving them every step of the way.

It’s certainly not always joyful and I fall flat on my face at times; yet, I get up and keep going as this is the path of the heart and I am compelled to walk it.

Came home and I got tea ready to brew in the sun – rooibos and honeybush! YUM!! Picture of it brewing below.

After lunch we had Lillian’s craniosacral appointment. While there I changed this to a once a month appointment (instead of twice per month) as I just knew after her last session that this was the thing to do. Here’s a picture of Lillian outside the office.

We decided again to wait on swimming and cooking out as there were a few people at the pool and the wind was blowing. It had cooled down quite a bit too.

So we had a breakfast dinner! We LOVE our breakfast dinners!

Thomas chose the family activity last night. He chose one of the mindful activities we’ve done before. One person makes movements and sounds and the other 2 family members have to copy that person. He LOVES this one! We did this for about 20 minutes and had so much FUN!


Team TLC
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