How Flowers Got Their Color by Lillian Darnell

April 4 2018:

How Flowers Got Their Color

Once long ago, there lived a tree called Magic Olaf and in that tree was tons of flower colors that Magic didn’t know what to do with. One day, Rose said, “Do you mind if I grab 2 colors for the game?”. Magic said, “Sure, you can. I was just trying to figure out what I should do with these colors. ” …. Visit the link below to read further …

How Flowers Got Their Color

Will You Please Help Lillian Get Back to Herself


November 6 2013:

Lillian had a melt down a few mornings ago complete with she’s moving out, she hates it here and calling Thomas and I idiots. Once she calmed down, she asked in a different, quiet, deep and more mellow voice, “Camilla, will you please help Lillian get back to herself”.

I said, “Absolutely!”, and asked how I could help? Then I helped her get dressed. Later I asked who it was that asked me to help get her back to herself. She told me her name, which I forgot, and said that she was a professional ballet dancer. I said that it was very kind of her friend to come along and help her get through that rough moment …

Lillian has these melt downs about 1 to 4 times per week. Usually it’s when we are getting ready to leave for school or anywhere else. She does not like to be rushed and reminded to complete the next step of getting ready. I choose to mostly ignore her unkind comments as I know that’s not the true Lillian.

The more I do not acknowledge the melt down and the more I remain calm the sooner she is able to bring herself back to the true Lillian. I am so truly grateful for all that this beautiful little soul has taught me about myself and life! xoxo

The Golden Yellow Colored Pencil

November 29 2017:

“When I first discovered the “golden yellow” colored pencil years ago, I came home and began looking for it right away in my colored pencils. Now I have lots of them and they are great for coloring stars!” -Lillian Darnell

Lillian Pineapple for Where Would You Fly Book 2017

And, apparently pineapple too!! This is one of the drawings to be included in “Where Would You Fly”. We are only days away from seeing a PDF proof of the book! Then, it’s proof ordering time! Wahoo times infinity!! xoxo

Where Would You Fly Updated Cover 9.2017 #2

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Let Your Imagination Be Taken Away – Review Blurb

November 21 2017:

Today we received the second review blurb for the book … Wahooo … Onward for The Philosopher, The Fairy, and The Gypsy (aka Team TLC).

“Let your imagination be taken away with Lillian Darnell’s writings and allow yourself to be transported to places where anything is possible with love, joy and a touch of inspiration.

This collection is born from a young woman with a unique perspective on how our world could be – immerse yourself and come, see the world through Lillian’s eyes.” -Dr Veronica Wain – Award winning filmmaker, Academic, Author, Disability Advocate

HDMS Fall Festival 10.4.14 #1

**Are you interested in helping bring the book to life and move through the final stage of creation? Pre-order your book and you will receive a special gift for helping and supporting this project. Our goal is to pre-sell 50 books. We’ve sold 15 so far. Go here …. … 

She Loved by Camilla Downs

May 18 2017:

It’s the 18th of the month. Chromosome #18 brought into our life family we never knew we had and has blessed us beyond the words to even describe. To a beautiful soul ….

Dragon and Angel Wings and Bird Wings Vintage Lake May 2017

Ever There

She loved.
She shined.
She let go.

Ever there with kind words,
with encouraging words,
with loving suggestions,
and, oh yes, hugs and happy dancing.

A smile that beamed brightly.
Greeting with open arms all who
were new to this different path.

The originator
of the “Different is Good” slogan.
She checked in on one
just when one thought she
was all alone.

She lived life
to the fullest,
coming to embrace this
different path.

Deeply she loved
her family.
Openly and freely
sharing her own
ups and downs.

Dear friends
and family the world over, has she,
who are deeply saddened for her
early departure.

She wanted to help all.
She wanted to cheer us all on.
She wanted to hug us all.

Every eighteenth of every month
my face to the sky I will turn,
to see and feel a warmth from above,
surrounding me with the
help, cheer, and hugs she
longed to provide.

Fly free beautiful soul,
Fly free and help, cheer,
support, hug, happy dance,
and LOVE for an eternity.

I love you, Susan Moran.

Camilla & Susan Savanahh Conference

I’m the Queen of the Mountain


February 22 2014:

“I’m the queen of the mountain!” – Lillian Darnell

Celebration time! This young lady remembered all on her own today that she needed to get a book for school from the library. I did not remind her at. All! We did not even discuss it today or yesterday.

Also in the past week, she has been doing basic addition and subtraction in her mind!! This girl! This girl who stood on this little hill today and without any prompting from me said, “I’m the queen of the mountain!”

Celebrate those milestones whenever they come …. however long it takes! ♡

Lillian on Hill 2.22.14

I Can Do Anything

November 6 2016:

I was drawn to watch this short 3 minute video just now. Although I have moved on from some of the roles and advocacy from this time in my life, this served as a reminder for me in this moment.

This is the video journey that accompanies the book I wrote and published in 2012, D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance.

I CAN do anything I decide and choose I’m going to do ….. AND …. so can YOU! And it will be a success as long as we do it from love and with love. LOVE will free us all … xoxo

She Spread Her Wings …. And Flew – Happy 15th Birthday Lillian

September 14 2016:

So this one turns 15 at 11:27 pm tonight … We’ve been celebrating all day as hopefully we’ll be asleep by that time!

… And she spread her wings …. Took a deep breath … And, just like that …. She FLEW!!! xoxo ….

For anyone who has been following all of the amazing accomplishments Lillian has made since this past July, you truly understand my comment above. They are happening so fast I cannot even keep up with posting them here.

See this picture below .. That’s a first … Taken last night on a Team TLC adventure. Jumping in the air bunches and bunches of times while I took 771 pictures of her …

4 pounds of heaven grown into a full blown fairy angel who knows she is to be a writer and helper. She has indeed done it her way … From butt scooting instead of crawling, talking different than others, eating, drinking, walking different than others …. and on and on and on … Blessed, blessed, blessed and so grateful we chose one another to teach and learn. Happy Happy Happy 15th Birthday Lillian Darnell!!!

Today is her day. After physical therapy this morning I took her to pick out sparkly headbands, then for gluten free donuts at Haven on Earth, and then home.

After resting for a few minutes, she opened her gifts, Thomas and I sang her Happy Birthday, and then we ate way too much of the gluten free chocolate cake (with oh so yummy cream cheese frosting) that we made last night.

Then we finished the celebration with a “live” Facebook birthday party!! That was interesting and fun!!!