Nature is Always Amazing

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson … Quote from the book, Where Would You Fly by Lillian Darnell

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Drafting the Copyright Page and Dewey Decimal – Where Would You Fly

November 18 2017:

Saturday afternoon Sleuthing Fun = Researching Dewey Decimal System Call Numbers!!

November 19 2017:

398.21 – Figured it out! Thank you Google! I Love Sleuthing!

Dewey Decimal System Call Number for Lillian’s book, Where Would You Fly …

Once Lillian’s book is on the shelf at the library, the spine should be labeled like this:

398.21 DAR 2017


Finished the Copyright Page! Next: Book blurb and book trailer! YAY! xoxo

Where Would You Fly Updated Cover 9.2017 #2

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Let Your Imagination Be Taken Away – Review Blurb

November 21 2017:

Today we received the second review blurb for the book … Wahooo … Onward for The Philosopher, The Fairy, and The Gypsy (aka Team TLC).

“Let your imagination be taken away with Lillian Darnell’s writings and allow yourself to be transported to places where anything is possible with love, joy and a touch of inspiration.

This collection is born from a young woman with a unique perspective on how our world could be – immerse yourself and come, see the world through Lillian’s eyes.” -Dr Veronica Wain – Award winning filmmaker, Academic, Author, Disability Advocate

HDMS Fall Festival 10.4.14 #1

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