The Golden Yellow Colored Pencil

November 29 2017:

“When I first discovered the “golden yellow” colored pencil years ago, I came home and began looking for it right away in my colored pencils. Now I have lots of them and they are great for coloring stars!” -Lillian Darnell

Lillian Pineapple for Where Would You Fly Book 2017

And, apparently pineapple too!! This is one of the drawings to be included in “Where Would You Fly”. We are only days away from seeing a PDF proof of the book! Then, it’s proof ordering time! Wahoo times infinity!! xoxo

Where Would You Fly Updated Cover 9.2017 #2

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Throwback – Lillian Darnell Turns Twelve


September 17 2013:

Lillian’s Birthday was this past Saturday, 9.14 …. Happy Happy Happy 12th Birthday to an incredibly amazing and awesome Fairy Princess by the name of Lillian Paige Darnell. I am blessed to eternity to get to be your Mama and to have your magical presence in my life. You are PERFECT just as you were created and were created that way on purpose and for a reason.

It is crystal clear why you and I were paired together as Mother and Daughter. We have much that we have taught one another and will continue to teach each other. We had and still have some wild and crazy shifting and awakening to guide each other through …

I overflow with gratitude and HappYness that I get to dance the dance of life with YOU!! Rock on with your twelfth year of life in this beautiful and amazing world we get to call HOME!! I LOVE YOU LILLIAN!!!

Happy 12th Birthday Lillian Photo