The 2016 Chromosome 18 Conference: Deja Vu and The Riverwalk

(This is part two of The 2016 C18 Conference Journey. Go here for part one.)

July 10 2016:

The one who says to me as we’re driving through the amazing rock formations after going through the Boulder Dam area … “I always have deja vu, like I’ve lived this life before. He said it all seems so familiar.” … and when we encountered some difficulties on the trip down … “When you get a rock in your shoe, just shake it out” ….. I deeply love this little human … Thomas Darnell …. xoxo

July 12 2016:

Took a much needed walk this morning. Feeling so out of place here. This was exactly what I needed. Felt like a massage … So relaxing, refreshing, and inspiring. I love nature. xoxo




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