Walks and Tadpoles and Always Respond With Love

July 4 2016:

What an absolutely amazing way to begin our day! Went for an early morning solo walk and then for a family walk right after breakfast. Lillian and Thomas finally got to see the turtle!! And we saw bunches of tadpoles! Then a yummy, relaxing, divine swim. Yes, please. Thank you and bring me more. Incredibly grateful!!

July 5 2016:

A morning of learning and messages in contrast to yesterday morning. Lillian experienced emotional difficulties this morning which wasn’t pleasant for any of us.

This was right before we went to the pool. We were delayed and headed to the pool kinda grumpy. Thomas spotted the first three hearts as we were walking to the pool. I spotted the last one. We’ve got one with arms and legs and one sticking out its tongue. 😉

We stopped after the third and I shared with them that I felt this was our reminder to always respond with love. Everyone’s mood completely shifted after that and we had the pool to ourselves.

And, now, on with the preparations of getting ready for our 1,700 mile road trip on Thursday. xoxo


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