Craft Faire and Book Signing and Where to Find Biggest Little Photographer

November 27 2016:

Mr. Minifigure Photographer gets to attend the Magic of Santa Craft Faire next Saturday, 12.3! Thomas and I and the Biggest Little Photographer will be part of the Book Blast! space.

We will be there from 10-4. Stop by for a hug and a book if you’re there!



November 28 2016:

Thank you Natalie Gorden for surprising us on Saturday. I so very much appreciate you stopping by to see us and to buy a few books at the book signing! Oceans of love to YOU! xoxo

So far Biggest Little Photographer will be in five local shops: The Discovery Museum Gift Shop, Don’s Pharmacy, Buy Nevada First, Galena Creek Visitor’s Center Gift Shop, and NeverEnder.

If you know anyone, we are looking for connections to gift shops in Reno, Virginia City, Tahoe, Incline Village, and Sparks; including Nevada Historical Society, Wilbur May Center, visitor centers, casino gift shops and hospital gift shops. xoxoxo

Worlds of thanks to everyone for the connections to local shops in regards to stocking Biggest Little Photographer!” xoxo …. Blessings abound to everyone!!



November 30 2016:

Wednesday is post office day for Biggest Little Photographer. Safe, quick travels Mr. Minifigure Photographer! Have fun in Carson City, Nevada; Mountain View, California; and Youngsville, Louisiana!!! xoxo



November 30 2016:

Thank you Coral Wilcox for coming by to see us on Saturday and buying a book. I’m incredibly happy we finally got to meet! Thanks, also, for the hugs! Oceans of love to YOU! xoxo



December 1 2016:

Delivered books to Neverender today. What an absolutely beautiful shop! So many locally created items. I’ll be back to get some of the amazing soy candles in recycled bottles. WOW! For now, this is the place to get the book in Mid Town. Thank you Melanie Crane for your trust, kindness, and having such an awesome shop!

The other locations around town are: The Discovery Museum Gift Shop, Don’s Pharmacy (delivering next week), Buy Nevada First (delivering next week), and Galena Creek Visitor’s Center Gift Shop (delivered today).

So far that’s 6 “Yes!” and 5 “No” responses and several waiting to hear back from! Plus, one book signing. I say that’s a success.

Heck, just asking is a success. Even further, simply creating the book is a success. It’s interesting that all but one of the “No” responses were not referred and don’t know us. All of the “Yes” responses were referred or know us.

Oceans and oceans of thanks to those of you who have purchased a book or referred us. Books are certainly not a “popular” item and it’s difficult to get those who don’t know the story to not lump this in with past experiences with books.

I’m not sure I’ve seen a 365 photo a day project that was done by an 8 year old made into an actual published book with ISBN and LCCN numbers.

Every day I open my eyes and put my feet on the ground is a success. Today was a success!! xoxo

biggest-little-book-at-neverender-12-1-16-1 biggest-little-book-at-neverender-12-1-16-2


December 2 2016:

Thank you Todd Kihara for coming by to see us on Saturday and buying a book. We hope your Dad loves the book!!! Let us know!



December 3 2016:

Our magic is complete for the day! Home from The Magic of Santa Craft Faire. We were part of the Book Blast magic!

One person who bought Biggest Little Photographer is a photographer for magazines and he LOVED the book!

Thomas and I had our art fortune read and created by Pan Pantonja … our table mate. Thanks LRP Printing Publishing & Business Center for inviting and including us.

magic-of-santa-craft-faire-and-biggest-little-book-12-3-16-1 magic-of-santa-craft-faire-and-biggest-little-book-12-3-16-2 magic-of-santa-craft-faire-and-biggest-little-book-12-3-16-3 magic-of-santa-craft-faire-and-biggest-little-book-12-3-16-4 magic-of-santa-craft-faire-and-biggest-little-book-12-3-16-5 magic-of-santa-craft-faire-and-biggest-little-book-12-3-16-6 magic-of-santa-craft-faire-and-biggest-little-book-12-3-16-7 magic-of-santa-craft-faire-and-biggest-little-book-12-3-16-8 magic-of-santa-craft-faire-and-biggest-little-book-12-3-16-9 magic-of-santa-craft-faire-and-biggest-little-book-12-3-16-10

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