Thomas and Camilla November 2016 Date Day

December 2 2016:

Thomas and Camilla November 2016 Date Day … wee bit late – last stop –Great Full Gardens South Meadows Reno: We were only going to get Thomas dessert. Surprise! Happy Hour with half price appetizers!! So we added Vegan Stuffed Portobello mushrooms. Words cannot even describe how yummy these tasted! Thomas dessert: Bread pudding! Our plates were all but licked clean!!!!

1st stop – Galena Creek Visitors Center. 2nd stop – Galena Park

It was so cold …. about 15 degrees … that my phone went dead after the magical tree picture. Perhaps so that I could truly soak it all in without distraction. Phone came back on once we got back down Mt. Rose Hwy. xoxo

Simply love this area. So peaceful and serene ….. incredibly beautiful and majestic with gigantic pine cones. I am hugely blessed this is what Thomas chooses for Date Day.

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