Walks and Gifts and Cookies


May 27 2013:

Just back from a refreshing walk with nature … Look at the beautiful gift I found waiting for me! Had the entire trail and walk to myself …. PERFECT!!

walk-damonte-ranch-trail-5-27-13-2 walk-damonte-ranch-trail-5-27-13-1

May 27 2013:

It’s a homemade almond cookie kinda day! YUM!! I experimented this time and made some substitutions to the recipe I usually use. Turned out GOOD! Sending y’all warm homemade cookie hugs!

almond-cookies-5-27-13-1 almond-cookies-5-27-13-2

May 27 2013:

Team TLC had dinner at The Romano Casa tonight … Yum!!!! That Romano Duo is so good to us!!

Team TLC May 27 2013

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