Sibshop for Thomas and Royal Package and Marmite and Calligraphy and The Universe and Finished

March 5 2017:

Thank you Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada (DSNNN) andJUSTin HOPE Foundation for another great Sibshop for Thomas!! Looking forward to the May event! Yay!

Thomas Sibshop 3.5.17

March 7 2017:

We received a Royal Mail package yesterday. Thank you Melissa Susan Sheard for the care package. Now we can say we’ve tasted Marmite! WOW!!! It’s salty, for sure!

Royal Mail Package Marmite 3.7.17 #1 Royal Mail Package Marmite 3.7.17 #2

March 8 2017:

Physical therapy day for Lillian. As I was getting back in the car I was moved by the books she’s reading. How did she know I want to learn calligraphy? The other is mine, but she got to it first!

April will be our last month for physical therapy. So much excited about this! We may return to physical therapy after summer, yet not here as I don’t feel she needs weekly appointments. We’ve been coming here for about 6 years.

Plus, I will try to talk Lillian into something different to pinpoint the areas that still need developing … yoga or some kind of dance? We shall see. Hallelujah for endings, new beginnings and new adventures! xoxo

Lillian Books 3.8.17

March 9 2017:

This afternoon was our bi-weekly library visit! This time with a twist. Thomas got to take part in the South Valleys Coding Club at 4:00. It was very basic using Scratch; which he already knows. Yet, they will progress from there. We LOVE the library!!

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