Celebrating Brushing One’s Hair


November 25 2015:

Brushing one’s hair. Simple for most. Not so simple for those with motor skill difficulties. I was moved to share a moment of deep gratitude.

Lillian. Has. Mastered. BRUSHING HER OWN HAIR!!!! At 14 years, 2 months old she can finally do it! It takes her about 6 times as long as the average amount of time, yet she CAN DO IT!!!! …….

Sending this with oceans of strength, courage, and PATIENCE that you never give up on yourself or your loved ones. I have found there are times to let those in our care rest, and not push them; and there are those times when we say, “No. You can do it. I know you can. Once you know you can do it too, you WILL do it.”

And I know one day, yep, one day she will be able to wash her own hair. She doesn’t believe that right now. Yet, I know one day she will, one day she WILL. Love, sweet, love!! xoxo

Lillian with brushing hair post 11.25.15

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