Sunset and Beautiful and Always Heard and Dance Party and Jay and Peace and Clarity

July 22 2018:

Sunset walk tonight. Beautiful sky, good breeze, and an accidental sideways picture of the rocks where I sat for a few minutes.

July 30 2018:

Found while walking Yonce this morning. To be followed by passing a bouncy young girl of about 7 years old walking with her grandma.

As I walked by the young girl, I smiled and said “hello”. To which she quickly said to her grandma, “Grandma, I want that lady to be my mom.” Grandma swiftly replies no and they continue walking.

Sweet girl, I wrap you and your family in oceans of love and pray for grace, courage, and strength for whatever is going on in your lives; whether it be a small or big issue or whether you were even just playing a game. And I pray that your voice is always heard. xoxo …

July 30 2018:

From a walk last week … Created by the sun and a tree! Cool!

Last week was hugely weird so I never got around to posting it.

On another note when it feels like Life just took a big dump on you; it sort of helps to have a dance party with Boogie Shoes by K.C. & The Sunshine Band, Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry, and You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates, among a few others!

I shall let myself mourn over that which only ever existed in my imagination, something I was desperately clinging to, feel this crappy moment or two, and let myself know what I need to know, and then ….. I’ll just keep going.

I do have much to be grateful for; yet I do not want to cram these feelings. I shall focus on gratitude once I’m done letting go of this. And, I shall remember how powerful I am.

Wanna help? Have your own dance party or whatever brings forth good feelings and then send some good feelings and prayers this way. Oceans of gratitude …

July 31 2018:

Found today …. Blue Jay or Stellar Jay. Not sure. Yet, what a beautiful message to receive.

July 31 2018:

Sunset walk with Thomas tonight …. Incredibly beautiful and peaceful.

Oh Great Sun.
Bathe me in
Clarity and Knowing.
Thank you.

August 3 2018:

Sunset walk Lillian last night. We’ll need to start getting out there earlier. The move to shorter days has begun. Beautiful night!!!

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