Fun and Snow and Tough and Beautiful and Amazing and Into the Mystic

January 6 2019:

Fun in the snow Sunday night. Snow at night is just magical. ❄️❄️❄️🖤🖤🖤

January 7 2019:

Tough, yet beautiful 5 mile walk yesterday. It’s quite the workout walking in wet, slushy snow. The amazing sky and beauty were worth it. ❄️💙

January 8 2019:

Walk with Lillian this afternoon. More beautiful sky and clouds. 💙❄️

January 12 2019:

On a walk Thursday .. I was trying to capture the dancing diamonds the sun was creating in the water. This photo absolutely did not capture it. So incredibly beautiful and mesmerizing. I stopped and watched the show for a bit. 💎💛💙

January 10 2019:

Into the Mystic by Van Morrison …. One of my ALL time favorite songs. Oh my gypsy soul … Goose bumps EVERY TIME! So much love …. xoxo … (Photo by me … )


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