Twilight Zone and Angels and Butterflies and Songbirds

June 19 2016:

Today felt like an episode of Twilight Zone …. All day …

And then we went for an after dinner sunset walk. Incredibly cool that we spotted a different type of duck that we will look up, 5 blue-billed ducks, and a beaver, I think. Don’t know what else would have dragged a branch for a bit and then disappeared under water with it. And then an amazing sunset. xoxo


June 20 2016:

After dinner solo walk last night since I missed the morning walk. A joyful walk with magical clouds decorating the sky.

Plus, I got to share some love with Gus, an extremely happy dog. I like that fellow. He always comes over to say “hi” to me.

Solo Walk June 21 2016

This walk inspired a blog post on Camilla’s blog

A little story sparked by a 5 minute stop at the Farmer’s Market this morning …. An Angel at the Farmer’s Market … Hope you enjoy it and the may the words land in front of the one for which they are meant. The pictures are paired with the story on my blog. xoxo

She had been dealing with a headache for 3 days now. She felt as if her body, inside and out, was covered in a thick and sticky sludge. A sludge full of all the reasons why she is wrong, inadequate, a loser, and a downright horrible person.

She thought back to the dream she had two weeks ago. She could not get away from a giant sink hole. Everywhere she went, this sink hole followed! One minute she’d be free of it and then she would purposely re-enter the force of it’s pull. She knew this was not just a random dream. The sink hole was a metaphor for how she’d been feeling about her life these past few weeks.

Then she was brought back to the present when she received a message from a friend that landed on a heart that she’d been slapping around and wringing like a sponge. It was exactly what her heart needed to hear and was the perfect message for her to receive in that moment. The divine message: “I love your positiveness and your love of life and love. You are a true inspiration to me.”

After dinner she went for a solo walk as she had missed her morning walk. It was an incredibly …. Go here to read more.


June 22 2016:

Walk with Thomas last night …. We sat on this rock for quite a while. Round after round of ducks and geese came over to see if we had food. They make the most wonderful sound when asking for food. It’s really soft and quiet.

Then we saw a swallowtail butterfly. We watched him go from bud to bud. So cool!!!


June 23 2016:

Lillian and I had the most amazing walk last night. A slight breeze was blowing, the shadows were amazing, and we listened to the song birds.

When we got home I saw what Lillian had posted a bit earlier and it made my eyes sweat … “Hey, everyone! Have you heard the news? I started June 15 walking up the stairs. (I only did 2 the first time). 2 days, I stepped up to the 4th step. I use positive affirmations like “Do this for Camilla” or “Do this for myself”. I didn’t realize I was using them until I told Camilla yesterday. Now, I’m actually finding them useful. I hope you find this post inspiring.” xoxo


June 24 2016:

Early morning walk …. Two fresh water turtles, a nutria, bunches of blue billed ducks, cormorants, one white goose, loads of musk thistle, and so many song birds in this tree. It’s a wonderful world … And I’m grateful and blessed I get to experience it … xoxo

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