Almond Flour Cookies and Trusting Yourself and Washoe Lake


June 14 2013:

I finally put the almond flour cookie recipe on my website y’all! Gluten free, dairy free and vegan and YUMMY!! Here ya go … Also, if you wanna make sure to not miss any of my blog posts you can sign up to get them as I post. I write about once or twice a week on living a natural, simple and inspired life (with a smattering of special needs parenting issues).

Recipe: Almond Flour Cookies


When we are urged by our inner voice to share, do or say something, sometimes we don’t know the reason. Simply trusting that the reason will become clear once we let go and embrace it is all that’s needed to understand the reason. I received this comment on my website last night. I share it with y’all for anyone who questions their inner voice and chooses to ignore it.

“Dear Camilla

I have only by accident come across your book and upon reading the first few pages was surprisingly ( even to myself) reduced to tears. Someone else has a daughter with 18p- … Someone else knows what that means… And the rarity involved. Someone else knows the endless parade of doctors and decisions and someone else does it as a single parent. I did not know I felt so alone in this until reading u describe my own child, Emalee, (13yrs) in your words about Lillian. I have lost a daughter to trisomy 18 and a husband to divorce. I look forward to reading your book knowing I am not navigating this alone.”


Headed to turn in Thomas‘ summer horse riding paperwork … Making a fun little stop to get inspired and refreshed!!

little-washoe-lake-6-14-13-1 little-washoe-lake-6-14-13-2 little-washoe-lake-6-14-13-3

A few more pictures from our quickie stop at WashoeLake‬ today. So beautiful and inspiring‬!

little-washoe-lake-6-14-13-4 little-washoe-lake-6-14-13-5 little-washoe-lake-6-14-13-6

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