Issues Addressed and Glossy versus Matte – Where Would You Fly Book

December 31 2017:

Issues addressed! Another proof book on its way! This time with gloss cover for comparison to the matte cover. xoxo

January 2 2018:

Look what we got! Time to start addressing envelopes!! So far, three Where Would You Fly beauties are flying internationally to Australia!! Thank you to our Aussie friends!!! xoxo

Bubble Mailers 1.2.18

January 5 2017:

Matte vs Glossy …… I like matte. Thomas prefers glossy. Lillian Darnell likes glossy. It’s her book! Glossy it is!!

Placing our first order tonight or tomorrow. Just waiting for one wee little change to the cover. Changing font color to white on the spine so it stands out when on the shelf amongst other book lovelies!

Let us know if you want in on the first order! Incredible gratitude to all!!!

Matte v Glossy Where Would You Fly Book January 2018

If you would like to learn more about the book or place an order, go here … …. Thank you to everyone for your support and kindness!

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