The Books Are Arriving and Chromosome 18 Facebook Page Live Event

February 4 2018:

I received my copy of Lillian’s beautiful book and have enjoyed browsing through the many delightful stories. I love the immensely witty dialogue and the truly magical storylines, and I swear there is a bright light shining through each and every word. One of my favorites is “A Mindful Mermaid Story.” I think I’ll have to try doing some MM sometime. : ) And, I definitely also love my notebook!

Michaela's Where would you fly book 2.4.18 #1 Michaela's Where would you fly book 2.4.18 #2 Michaela's Where would you fly book 2.4.18 #3

February 4 2018:

61 books ordered and received on January 24th. 3 remaining. WOW! and YAY! Oceans of gratitude! xoxo


February 5 2018:

As part of Chromosome 18 Registry & Research Society Facebook Live Series, Lillian Darnell, will be interviewed on Sunday, February 18th, at 6:00 pm CST.

She will talk about her hobbies, what it’s like being a part of the C18 family, her biggest dream, what it’s like living with 18p-, and her debut book. Does anyone have a question(s) they would like answered? xoxoxo (Be sure to “like” the C18 facebook page linked above if you’re interested in attending.)

Facebook Live Broadcast C18 2.5.18


February 5 2018:

Camilla Downs, guess what came in the mail today?!? Serena is very happy and impressed since I explained how old your kids are and that they are the AUTHORS! She wants to go visit you now 😃! Great job Lillian and Thomas!! 💗

Carissa's Books 2.5.18


February 5 2018:

Yay!!! Lillian Darnell look what arrived in our Mailbox today xx thanks to your Mum Camilla Downs for posting this to Us. Ella’s favourite chapter so far is The Flying Unicorns create a Rainbow 🌈 as Ella loves Rainbows and unicorns.

For my FB friends that don’t know, Lillian and Ella share something very special. They are Unique human beings who only come around once in every 56,000 births. They are missing the short arm of their 18th Chromosome. We have become friends with Lillian, her Mum Camilla and Brother Thomas. Even though they live in Reno USA we keep in touch most days 💖

Debbie Goodrick Book 2.5.18


February 6 2018:

February 27th at 4:30 pm PST on KOLO 8 with Sarah Johns for Lillian Darnell to talk about her book!! … xoxo


February 6 2018:

Camilla look what I found in the mail box : )
So excited and look forward to reading it – so thrilled Lillian xx – Ailsa J., Australia

Ailsa in Australia Got Book 2.6.18

February 7 2018:

My friend Lillian Darnell just wrote a book and it is awesome. I just finished the book. -Rebecca P.


February 8 2018:

The wait is over! Lillian Darnell’s debut book, “Where Would You Fly” & Other Magical Stories has arrived! Lillian is 16 years of age & is a published author! Her Mom, Camilla Downs & her brother, Thomas Darnell are also published authors. That makes 3 for Team TLC! Lillian will be featured on KOLO 8 with Sara Johns, Tuesday February 27, 2018 at 4:30 PST. She is an Amazing young lady & wise beyond her years! – Carolyn S, Reno

Carolyn Smith with Book Where Would You Fly 2.8.18

Thank you so much Carolyn … for all that you BE. Not just this .. for the 6 or 7 years we have known one another and supported one another and become true friends. Oceans of gratitude … I LOVE YOU!!! xoxo

Can you hear me singing,
“WE ARE Family!” I Love Team TLC! Y’all are Shining brightly right where you are! Keep going! Push through! There’s a pot of gold on the other side of that rainbow.


February 10, 2018:

Thumbs up from Alanna !!!

Alanna with Where Would You Fly Book 2.10.18

It Has Arrived – Where Would You Fly

January 24 2018:

Look what just arrived!!!!!

Lillian Getting First Order of Books Where Would You Fly 1.24.18 #1 Lillian Getting First Order of Books Where Would You Fly 1.24.18 #2 Lillian Getting First Order of Books Where Would You Fly 1.24.18 #3


An abstract Camilla and Lillian Darnell come into focus to share some GREAT news!! (HA! We had a wonky connection so we kept turning abstract! Cool!!)


January 25 2018:

The “Where Would You Fly” assembly line! First load taken to the post office and mailed.

Where Would You Fly Book Assembly Line 1.25.18 #1 Where Would You Fly Book Assembly Line 1.25.18 #2 Where Would You Fly Book Assembly Line 1.25.18 #3


January 26 2018:

Another post office run this afternoon!! So thankful for no line today!!! Love it when that happens!

Oceans of gratitude to everyone who will be receiving the magic!! It’s flying your way!! xoxoxo

Mailing Where Would You Fly Books 1.26.18 #1 Mailing Where Would You Fly Books 1.26.18 #2


January 27 2018:

It was a great day to release some magic through the USPS! One of these sweeties really gets to fly … All the way to Australia! Be free. And. Have fun.

Has anyone mailed anything overseas lately? Crazy fees for postage! xoxo

Where Would You Fly Book to Australia 1.2018

**Go here if you’d like to learn more about the book or place an order. Thank you!

Update: Where Would You Fly Book – Books Are On The Way to Us

January 19 2018:

YAY!!!! They are on the way!!! Who else is excited? xoxo

Where Would You Fly Books Shipped 1.19.18

January 21 2018:

….. from the “Forward” … Being able to communicate your thoughts and feelings with others is an incredible blessing. And, I feel, vital for living a joyful, fulfilled life. What do you think?

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 1.01.30 PM

**If you’d like to learn more about Lillian’s debut book, go here … …. Oceans of gratitude!!

It Is Completed – Where Would You Fly

January 7 2018:

Just placed the first order books! Arriving January 30th at the latest. It is completed! xoxo

Matte v Glossy Where Would You Fly Book January 2018

January 8 2018:

Celebrating with gluten free chocolate macaroons. This team celebrates with what we can and however we can. It may not look like much, yet, the celebration and joy in our hearts more than make up for it.

Here’s to us! Here’s to completion! And here’s to those who support and encourage us. Here’s to everyone. All humans, animals, plant life, and Mother Earth.

Chocolate Macaroons Celebration 1.8.18

January 10 2018:

Would you like to learn more about the book? Go here … … Thank you!

Issues Addressed and Glossy versus Matte – Where Would You Fly Book

December 31 2017:

Issues addressed! Another proof book on its way! This time with gloss cover for comparison to the matte cover. xoxo

January 2 2018:

Look what we got! Time to start addressing envelopes!! So far, three Where Would You Fly beauties are flying internationally to Australia!! Thank you to our Aussie friends!!! xoxo

Bubble Mailers 1.2.18

January 5 2017:

Matte vs Glossy …… I like matte. Thomas prefers glossy. Lillian Darnell likes glossy. It’s her book! Glossy it is!!

Placing our first order tonight or tomorrow. Just waiting for one wee little change to the cover. Changing font color to white on the spine so it stands out when on the shelf amongst other book lovelies!

Let us know if you want in on the first order! Incredible gratitude to all!!!

Matte v Glossy Where Would You Fly Book January 2018

If you would like to learn more about the book or place an order, go here … …. Thank you to everyone for your support and kindness!

Reaching the Goal – Where Would You Fly

December 9 2017:

After having one of her phantom-who-knows-why throwing up nights … It was great news for Lillian this morning to see we have 31 books pre-ordered so far!

Our goal is 50 – Look how close we are! Oceans of gratitude and love to everyone who has shared, commented, or purchased … xoxo

Lillian in Sun Fall Break 2015

Here’s the back of book blurb:

Welcome to the radiant imagination of Lillian Darnell, a wonderful and unique human being, the kind who comes around only once in every 56,000 births, as she is missing the short arm of her 18th chromosome.

Leave this reality behind and enter enchanted lands awash in mysteries, happy endings, adventures, and inspiration. Come within and discover heartwarming and beautiful tales, woven with love and magic, brought forth from the imagination of a young woman with a different perspective. Lose yourself in wondrous adventures as you follow courageous, enchanting characters, kind animals and plant life, and graceful Mother Nature.

The delightful tales, legends, and poems within these pages were written by Lillian Darnell between the ages of four and fifteen. The stories and poems are mostly edited for spelling and grammar, yet the bulk of the stories remain as she originally wrote and published them to include a few grammatical errors and made up words.

Will a girls dream of becoming a princess come true?

What does love have to do with rainbows and why do we sometimes see double rainbows?

What do roses have to do with fairies and why don’t we see fairies during the day?

How can sad, mischievous, fearful animals help humans feel emotions?

How did the world come to have color?

What really happens in a day of the life of a young whale who lives in the Wooden Ocean?

Why should you never sleep with bears?

“You can’t help but feel happy and be inspired while reading this book. Lillian’s stories jump straight out of her heart and onto the pages in an authentic, innocent, and loving way. The world needs more positivity and happiness and her stories are bursting with both. Thank you Lillian!” -G. Brian Benson – Award-winning and best-selling author, actor and TEDx speaker.

“Let your imagination be taken away with Lillian Darnell’s writings and allow yourself to be transported to places where anything is possible with love, joy and a touch of inspiration. This collection is born from a young woman with a unique perspective on how our world could be – immerse yourself and come, see the world through Lillian’s eyes.” -Dr Veronica Wain – Award winning filmmaker, Academic, Author, Disability Advocate

Where Would You Fly Updated Cover 9.2017

Lillian Darnell Interview – Where Would You Fly Book

December 5 2017:

A very quick interview with soon to be published author, Lillian Darnell. I ask her how it feels to be an almost published author, and her most and least favorite part of the process.

**Are you interested in helping with the final leg of bringing the book to life? You can share this post, or share the website page at, or pre-purchase here … … Our goal is to receive at least 50 pre-orders. We’ve received 21 so far! Thank you!

Where Would You Fly Updated Cover 9.2017 #2

Another Step Closer – Where Would You Fly

November 24 2017:

Flourishes chosen! Another step closer!

Where Would You Fly Updated Cover 9.2017

**Are you interested in helping with the last stage of creation and bringing the book fully to life? We are pre-selling the book NOW and will have it in hand by the end of December 2017. Our goal is to pre-sell 50 books and we’ve already sold 15! Go here if interested in helping … …