Movie Night: Holiday

August 12 2017:

Team TLC Movie Night – Thomas’ choice: “Holiday”

Thomas says, “It was good! I liked the concept.”

Lillian says, “Good, liked the end, awesome, and fantastic.”

I say, “What a fun and spot on movie about not conforming and following ones heart. Perfect timing for choosing this one Thomas!”

Holiday Movie 8.12.17

Movie Night: Lion

August 5 2017:

Team TLC movie night – My choice: “Lion” …. Put this on hold at the library months and months ago. It had over 100 holds.

I say, “Incredibly moving. Full of light, darkness, and love. Absolutely beautiful that this persons story sparked a movement to help so many children.”

Thomas says, “Good, inspiring, cool, funny in parts, and not stereotypical.”

Lillian says, “Good, suspenseful, mysterious, and good music.”

Lion Movie 8.5.17

Movie Night: A Wrinkle in Time

July 29 2017:

Team TLC movie night: Lillian’s choice – “A Wrinkle in Time” (2003 Miramax version)

Lillian says, “Good, awesome, cosmic, adventurous, and amazing. My favorite character is Meg.”

I say, “An amazing and mystical journey to reach a destination we all know and have within us. Love. Love is truly the answer. Unconditional love. True love of all …. Definitely my kind of story! Now I know why Thomas and Lillian like the book so much and want me to read it.”

Thomas says, “Good, not like the book, but still good.”

A Wrinkle in Time Movie 2017

Movie Night: Return of the Jedi

July 22 2017:

Team TLC movie night: Thomas’ choice – “Return of the Jedi”

Thomas says, “Good, suspenseful, and really enjoyed it. Liked the ewoks.”

Lillian says, “Good, emotional, and musical.”

I say, “It is within you. You have just forgotten.” I usually steer clear of movies with violence, yet decided it was okay to watch the original three Star Wars. I truly enjoyed watching these with Thomas and Lillian after having not seen them in over 20 years. I actually felt the same excitement I felt as a young girl watching these for the first time with my best friend, Lillie. Although they hold a new and different meaning for me now than they did then. xoxoxo

Return of the Jedi Movie 7.22.17

Movie Night: Big Miracle

July 9 2017:

Team TLC Extra Movie Night (since we won’t be here next Saturday night): My choice – “Big Miracle” –

I say, “Great, feel good, true story. Enjoyed watching with Thomas and Lillian. Thomas has already looked up much information about the event.”

Thomas says, “It was good.”

Lillian says, “Good, liked the music, emotional, liked Kristen Bell’s voice, and awesome movie.”

Big Miracle Movie 7.9.17

Movie Night: My Dog Skip

July 8 2017:

Team TLC movie night: Lillian’s choice: “My Dog Skip” –

Lillian says, “Good, pretty music, emotional, awesome, and my favorite character is Rivers.”

I say, “Love and loyalty are all that matters. Such a great movie. And, WOW! Yazoo, Mississippi! I wonder if any of my family knew Willie Morris. He would have been a tad older than them. Saw a Jitney Jungle sign in the baseball scene. That brought back memories. Will have to look up more about Willie Morris and his books. Really enjoyed this one!!”

Thomas says, “Good, funny, and I liked it.”

My Dog Skip Movie 7.8.17


Movie Night: The Empire Strikes Back

July 1 2017:

Team TLC movie night – Thomas’ choice: “Star Wars V – The Empire Strikes Back”

Thomas says, “So good that I don’t know how to describe it.”

Lillian says, “Pretty good and suspenseful.”

I say, “You must unlearn what you have learned.” -Yoda ….

“Haven’t watched these since I was a teenager. It has a completely different meaning for me now and it absolutely blows my mind the difference in watching it now, as opposed to then.

Not a fan of movies with violence, yet, decided to watch the original trilogy now that Thomas and Lillian are older. Made my solar plexus all tingly! The Force is indeed strong! So glad we are watching them!”

Empire Strikes Back Movie 2017

Movie Night: The Greatest Game Ever Played

June 24 2017:

Team TLC Movie Night: My choice – “The Greatest Game Ever Played”

I say, “To do something that seems to come from outside of oneself, and through oneself, is definitely the greatest game ever played. No matter the game. Powerful and true story.”

Thomas says, “It is the greatest movie ever made!”

Lillian says, “Good, suspenseful, funny, historical, musical, and very cool effects.”

The Greatest Game Ever Played Movie 6.24.17

Movie Night: A Dog’s Purpose

June 17 2017:

Team TLC movie night – Lillian’s choice: “A Dog’s Purpose”

Lillian says, “Good, great, awesome moral, 100% recommended, liked the music, and my favorite part was the end.”

I say, “Truly heart-warming story …. Be Here Now …. Most moving and heart melting line.”

Thomas says, “Great, best movie, added to the top of my list of best movies, and can’t describe how good.”

A Dog's Purpose Movie 6.18.17