Movie Night: Coco

March 31 2018:

Team TLC Movie Night: Lillian’s choice – “Coco” …. I put this on hold in December at the library. It was finally our turn!!!

Lillian says, “Good, amazing, great, cool, liked most of the songs, 100% recommend … especially around Halloween … and my favorite character was Mama Coco.”

I say, “Wonderful story of forgiveness, customs, beliefs, passion, and purpose.”

Thomas says, “It could have been better. I liked the idea. By the end of it the music was kind of getting annoying. I think it’s really interesting that if you’re forgotten you die again.”

Coco Movie 3.31.18

Movie Night: Harvey

March 30 2018:

Team TLC Extra Movie Night – Easter weekend 4 or 5 years ago Thomas and Lillian wanted to watch something with rabbits.

On such short notice this is what I came up with and we’ve watched it every year since! A 6 foot pooka in the form of a rabbit counts right??? Plus, Josephine Hull and James Stewart are phenomenal in this.

Quotes from Elwood P. Dowd (James Stewart) …. “Every day is a perfect day.”

“I always have a wonderful time wherever I am and whoever I’m with.”

“In this world you must be oh so smart or oh so kind. For years I was smart. I recommend kind.”

Thomas says, “I like it a lot and I like watching it every year!”

Lillian skipped watching this year.

Harvey Movie 3.30.18

Movie Night: The Bells of St. Mary’s

March 24 2018:

Team TLC Movie Night: Thomas’ choice – “The Bells of St. Mary’s” … We watched this about 4 years ago and Thomas wanted to watch it again.

Thomas says, “It was okay. It could have been better.”

Lillian says, “Good, liked the music, awesome, and my favorite character is Sister Benedict (Ingrid Bergman).”

I say, “A wonderful feel good movie.”

The Bells of St. Mary's Movie 3.24.18

Movie Night: How Green Was My Valley

March 17 2018:

Team TLC movie night – My choice: “ How Green Was My Valley”

I say, “Although it did capture the issues of its time, this movie was incredibly heartbreaking.”

Thomas says, “I liked it, but it could have been better. I didn’t understand the story and nothing actually happened except for people dying.”

Lillian says, “Good, emotional, and liked some of the music.”

How Green Was My Valley Movie 3.17.18

Movie Night: Paris When it Sizzles

March 10 2018:

Team TLC movie night: Lillian’s choice – “Paris when it Sizzle”

Lillian says, “Good, suspenseful, liked the music, and liked some of the scenery.”

I say, “Absolutely ridiculous! And so fun to watch!!”

Thomas says, “It was good. Wished there had been an expansion of the vampire story.”

Paris when it Sizzles Movie 3.10.18

Movie Night: Singin’ in the Rain

March 3 2018:

Team TLC Movie Night: Thomas’ choice – “Singin’ in the Rain” ☔️ Second time around for this one.

Thomas says, “It’s good. Really good classic. I really like it and it’s really funny. Like the sets; seemed realistic. Liked the ending.”

Lillian says, “Musical, good, awesome, like the Singin’ in the Rain song, liked Donald O’Connor (especially the “Make em Laugh” scene), and I recommend it 100%.

I say, “Love watching this classic with Thomas and Lillian!”

Singin' in the rain movie 3.3.18

Movie Night: Field of Dreams

February 24 2018:

Team TLC Movie Night: My choice: “Field of Dreams”

I say, “Oh, how I love this movie. It was incredibly moving and fun to watch this with Thomas. Loved every minute of it. A beautiful movie about listening to the messages we receive. Powerful!!”

Lillian says, “Good, liked the ending, awesome, and liked the background of the title frame.”

Thomas says, “It’s good, it made me feel better, wish it had lasted longer, needed more plot development.”

Field of Dreams Movie 2.24.18

Extra Movie Night: Walk With Me

February 20 2018:

Team TLC extra movie night … My choice: “walk with me”

I say, “This is my second time to see this one. Requested a library purchase of it so we were the first to watch the library copy! YAY!! This documentary is incredibly calming and simply beautiful in the amount of mindfulness that exudes from it. I could watch over and over. Not to mention being narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch … such a soothing voice he has. Watch it and spread the message.”

Lillian says, “The parts I watched were good.”

Thomas says, “I really liked it! It was really good!”

walk with me movie 2.20.18

Movie Night: Only Yesterday

February 17 2018:

Team TLC movie night: Lillian’s choice – “Only Yesterday”

Lillian says, “Good, liked the music, liked the plot, favorite character was the grown up version of Taeko, and suspenseful.”

I say, “Wonderful story of one coming to realize her oneness with nature and following her heart. So much loved it.”

Thomas says, “I guess it was okay. Could have been a lot better.”

Only Yesterday Movie 2.17.18

Movie Night: Watership Down

February 10 2018:

Team TLC movie night: Thomas’ choice – “Watership Down”

Thomas says, “It was good.”

Lillian says, “Good, emotional, and suspenseful.”

I say, “Thomas and Lillian read the book a while ago so we finally got around to the movie. I thought it was suspenseful and glad it took us this long to get to it; due to the violence. I liked that there were two rabbit characters who could sense and see things and the difference between those who trusted them and those that judged them.”

Watership Down Movie 2.10.18