Throwback Post: You Are a Great Cooker


May 26 2009:

Made some 5 minute instant rice to go w/ dinner & Thomas said, “I like this, You’re a Great Cooker & I Love You”. Just had to share ~ this little man surprises me every day with his funny & beautiful comments!

(Photo from our June 2009 Date Day – He preferred the stairs to the escalator. We used to have date days at the airport. He loved roaming around, eating lunch, and looking at the airplanes. We stopped doing it once they remodeled and closed off many areas.)

Throwback Post: Have You Ever Hugged the Sky



Ever wonder what it looks like to hug the sky? I called Thomas over to look at the beautiful sky. He went outside and hugged our skinny little tree and asked me to take a picture of him hugging the sky. Now you know what a sky hugging looks like … Go out and give that sky a hug y’all!!

Thomas Hugging Sky 5.13.13