If You Could Go Back In Time

November 7 2017:

At dinner Thomas asked, “If you could go back in time and spend time with someone, who would you choose?”

While I was thinking of what to say, he shared his answer. He would go back to when Hitler was a kid and encourage him to attend art school.

I didn’t even know what to say after that. Selfishly, I had been thinking Buddha, Jesus, or Gandhi simply to be amongst their energies.

So incredibly grateful for having Thomas be a part of my life … xoxo

Date Day with Thomas April 2017 4.26.17 #1

Can I Stay a Kid Forever


October 28 2013:

Another Thomas moment ….

He told me the other night he wanted to stay a kid forever and asked if he could do that and if it was okay. I told him his body will keep getting older but he sure as heck can stay a kid in his mind if he wants to and that I thought that was a fabulous and awesome idea!! Right on Thomas!!

He inspires me so much! xoxo

Painting is my Passion


October 27 2013:

“Painting is my passion” and “Painting makes me happy” -Thomas Darnell …

While painting this morning Thomas says he hasn’t decided whether he wants to be an artist/painter or a restaurant worker when he grows up. He asks me how to choose. I tell him choose whichever one brings him happiness and whichever one he is happiest doing. This brought on the previous quotes from him.

Then he asked if it’s okay to try being a restaurant worker so he knows what it’s like. Absolutely it is Thomas! I so much love that I get to be this young man’s Mama! xoxo

Thomas Painting 10.27.13

Something is There – A Halloween Song


October 12 2013:

Thomas wrote a Halloween song today … I think it’s awesome … xoxo

“Something is There”
(Rising music)
Something creepy,
One night,
I turned around,
And to my surprise,
Something was there!
A moon crisis,
I thought it was,
(Crisis music)
I made it one night,
It rose,
I made a mad dash,
When I ran outside,
I ran into,
The cemetery!
Ghost’s were rising,
Zombies were digging,
Bats were flying!
I flew home,
Locked doors and windows,
Closed all blinds,
I checked the date,
Guess what it said,

Giving Love Should Be Everyone’s Job Description

August 17 2017:

“Where has society reached when “giving love” is a job description?” -Thomas … He wants to volunteer at The Humane Society and saw this as a job description on the website. xoxoxo

That’s definitely my kind of job description!! Thomas’ thoughts were that this is just something we should all already be doing … xoxoxo

No Dessert for Me


April 24, 2012

“I don’t want dessert. I’m too busy reading.” Thomas Darnell

{This kid does not even hear me when he’s reading. Stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things earlier and he read his book while walking down the aisles!!}


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Where’s My Pillow

July 30 2017:

He (Thomas) asks, “Where’s my pillow?” …. after he looks all over the house for it. “You put it in the freezer after you took it out of the backpack you’d put it in because you were leaving and going to live somewhere else.”

“Oh. That’s right! Thanks!” 😂…. Then he gets in bed with the “Social Security for Dummies” book that he checked out from the library and starts reading it. 😜

I have been blessed with some incredibly interesting kids who are definitely unboring. 🙏💞 xoxox