Highest Level of Happy and Follow Your Dreams

June 7 2017:

“I’m so happy! What’s the highest level of Happy that exists?” -Thomas …..

Thomas was invited to participate in a Sumo Bot Challenge today. He doesn’t have the LEGO robot kit, yet the parent team leader and organizer made him a basic one to modify and use for the Challenge.

When it was time to leave she offered to let him borrow it until they need it again in July. His gratitude and joy was oozing from every pore. He could not stop saying how amazing this is as he has wanted one for years. So incredibly grateful to this wonderful mom!! xoxo

Robot and Thomas 6.7.17 #3 Robot and Thomas 6.7.17 #2 Robot and Thomas 6.7.17 #1

June 8 2017:

Found in the kitchen …. Seriously. I have no idea how many times Thomas has read this dictionary. He will be the grammar editor for all future books we write!

Fact books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, pilot manuals, coding books, and the manual for our car! He’s read them over and over.

And this afternoon he said, “It’s weird how we idolize those who pursue their dreams.” I asked him why. He says it should just be the normal course that everyone takes. I have never heard it presented in this way …. and I agree. It should be the norm. xoxo

Dictionary Thomas Post 6.8.17

I Love Bernoulli Numbers


February 23 2016:

We read a book about Ada Byron Lovelace last night. We learned about the computer program, the mathematical algorithm, that she wrote for Babbage’s Analytical Engine.

In the conclusion of the book, it was revealed that Ada’s program calculated Bernoulli numbers.

Thomas shouts, “I knew it! I love Bernoulli numbers. I just love thinking about them and looking at them.”

I’m so blessed he’s a member of this team. He adds such joy. xoxo

How It Feels to Be A Sibling to Lillian


February 19 2013:

One of our sweet Chromosome 18 friends is doing a research project on Chromosome 18 affected individuals and their family for school and asked us to participate.

Here’s Thomas‘ contribution … being interviewed regarding how it feels to be a sibling to Lillian! Go Courtney MacMasters Go! Courtney is sibling to one of our C18 affected friends!

Can’t Even Describe How Fun It Was


February 18 2016:

“It was so fun! If I could have stayed in for recess to keep working on it, I would have. I loved it! I can’t even describe how fun it was.” -Thomas says to me me during our afternoon walk today.

He had a lesson today on degrees, angles, and fractions ….

I find this one named Thomas so interesting …

On another note, it began hailing during our walk. The wind was blowing too. When wind blows hail into your face, it hurts a little! Yet, it was a GREAT walk!

Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 2.18.16 #1 Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 2.18.16 #2

Brain and Heart and Stomach are Happy

February 12 2017:

“My brain, heart, and stomach are happy!” … Said by Thomas last night after our beautiful dinner at Moon Rabbit Cafe.

What wonderful feelings brought about by good food, great company, and a peaceful, joyful setting.

Me too Thomas … Me too! xoxo

Thomas and Camilla January 2017 Date Day Part 3 1.31.17 #3