You Should Get These

Today was Team TLC library day. These look like exciting, juicy, intriguing books. Don’t they?

Thomas said, “You should get these.” I replied that reading them may make me crazier than I already am plus drive me to drinking.

So, Thomas checked them out so he could read them and advice me in matters relating to Lillian. Thank you Thomas!! xoxo

Social Security Books August 2017

Preparing the Menu


April 23, 2014

In preparing the menu for the restaurant Thomas says he will own, he has been doing research. He told me that he’d be serving mac n cheese at his restaurant as it’s 1 of the top 50 most popular foods. I asked how he knew that. He’s been searching online for the the most popular foods and found a website that lists the top 50! HA! xoxo

Have You Hugged and Kissed a Pile of Dirt


April 21 2013:

Thomas came inside early this evening with dirt all over the front of his shirt. He said “I just hugged and kissed a pile of dirt. I need to rinse my mouth off now.”

Says he just loves being outside soooo much! Then he asked if what he did was okay. I told him absolutely and that I thought that it was great that he did that! Big dirt filled hug y’all!