Just Being in the Same Room With You


December 28 2015:

“Just being in the same room with you is fun.” -Thomas randomly says to me as we’re sitting next to each other reading.

It blessed me to hear this in that moment. Perhaps you’ll be moved to share something similar with someone you enjoy being around.

Share the love …. xoxo!

Thomas in Snow 12.28.15

The Problem Will Still Be There

March 24 2018:

I look into his eyes during these conversations and wonder where this brilliant and amazing human came from? ….. And think about how grateful I am … Conversations with Thomas today …

The borders in Europe before World War I and after World War II, Winston Churchill, FDR, romantic comedies of the 30’s-50’s vs romantic comedies of the 80’s on, the marches today, and Thomas sharing this thought …

“If you continue to address everything except the problem, the problem will still be there.” …. and this one …. “If you don’t ever address the why of a problem, it’s like putting a bucket under a leaky pipe.”

He loves to create metaphors. He does this almost daily. And he’s good at it! (Photo from earlier this year when we got to experience a ceremony with the Gaden Shartse Monks)

It’s not just wisdom. He runs it through his heart and applies compassion and empathy … He just blesses me so with the thoughts he shares … xoxo

Gaden Shartse Monks Visit 1.20.18 #1

What Can I Do to Help


December 17 2013:

Almost every afternoon and evening he asks, “What can I do to help?” …. with dinner, with cleaning, whatever …

Today I sold his old bicycle for $15 and gave the money to him. He gave his sister $5 of the money.

This past Saturday she LET him help her climb a big ole pile of snow in the library parking lot. That’s big. It usually has to be me. She. held. his hand. and let him. help her. WAHOOOO!

That boy is just a pure ball of LOVE. I’m so blessed and grateful we are on this journey together!!

Thomas Helping Lillian 12.17.13 #1 Thomas Helping Lillian 12.17.13 #2 Thomas Helping Lillian 12.17.13 #3