My Mind is an Airport


March 5 2013:

“My mind is an airport. My hair is the runway where my thoughts take off and go to other people. It’s also where other people’s thoughts enter my mind.” – Thomas Darnell … Indeed Mr. T. Let’s be sure to pause before we send our thoughts off on their journey. Love that old wise soul in that little dude’s body!!

He Helps Keep Life Un-Boring

January 13 2018:

Conversations with Thomas are always interesting and varied …

“The Dalai Lama has a twitter account and I’m following him.” ….

This after talking about the FBI and the CIA and the Dalai Lama’s escape from Tibet …

I like him. He helps to keep life un-boring …. xoxo

January 19 2018:

“In politics it doesn’t matter your morals, it just matters how you deliver it.” – Thomas

Yep. I like him!

Name Three Things You Wanted to BE When You Grew Up


November 1 2013:

More from the sweet little mind of Thomas ..

The other night Thomas asked me to name 3 things that I wanted to be when I grew up. I told him I could not remember 3, but I do remember that I wanted to be a dancer … a Solid Gold dancer (hahaha). I have LOVED dancing as far back as I can remember. Explained to him I don’t think I ever really knew what I wanted to do … and I still ponder about it!!

He said he wants to be a restaurant owner, an artist/painter and house builder. As he likes do do things solo, by himself so he can do things how he wants to do them without anyone telling him how to do it. Ummmm … Either OOPS, what have I done? or YAY, look what I’ve done! HA! …

And, I have to say, this morning Mr. Thomas’ behavior left me wondering if I had woken up in the wrong house!! What an interesting adventure this role of parent takes one on with all of the twists and turns and ups and downs and laughs and grumpiness … and learning, living, growing and LOVING!! xoxo

Can I Stay a Kid Forever


October 28 2013:

Another Thomas moment ….

He told me the other night he wanted to stay a kid forever and asked if he could do that and if it was okay. I told him his body will keep getting older but he sure as heck can stay a kid in his mind if he wants to and that I thought that was a fabulous and awesome idea!! Right on Thomas!!

He inspires me so much! xoxo

I Like Your Courage


April 23, 2013

This young lady right here, the one holding the Sun ….

In my “Compliment” note tonight she wrote, “I like your courage to not give up.” WOW! Both of these little people in my life are so full of wisdom and are so intuitive …. They are part of my purpose and I part of their purpose … We are a Team indeed.

I’ve been sick with some kinda crud since last Thursday and these two have been awesome … Made my eyes sweat ….

Lillian Holding Sun 4.23.13