Throwback Post: Board of Directors Meeting


September 18 2013:

The Board of Directors and I are getting ready for a meeting this morning. Thank you Thomas for arranging the meeting this morning! And y’all thought I was doing this all alone! HA!

The results of our Board Meeting this morning:

From Weasel: If you are expecting a weasel, You’ll get one!
From Bird: Surround yourself with others who fly like you.
From Rabbit: Eat more veggies!
From Frog: Use your tongue more!
From Fish: Go with the flow, let things happen, don’t MAKE them happen.
From Chipmunk: Eat more nuts!
From Mouse: Don’t worry so much about the details.
From Cat: Relax and play more.
From Porcupine: Do not compare yourself to others and/or others successes.
From Dog: Fill your heart with love for yourself and others.
From Turtle: Slow down. You do not always have to be going and doing.
From Lizard: Thank the Sun every single day for warming this wonderful place we get to call home!