Throwback Post: Partying While Getting a Mammogram With Candy and Pumpkins


October 15 2012:

If you’re gonna get a mammogram this is the way to do it!!!! Mammogram Party … Pink robes, champagne, Dorinda’s chocolates, massages my Tele ….. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

Spa experience at eWomen Mammogram Party


October 15 2011:

Saturday is candy day in the Team TLC house!!!! Yum!!!!

1st stop of our a Team TLC little Saturday adventure.Favorite place to eat when I was a teenager!! Yummmmmmmmmmmm!!

Pumpkin adventures!! Yeeehawwwww!!!

I am so darn lucky!! I’ve got a fire dropping Ninja guy and a sassy fairy princess in the house ….. This is one fairy tale adventure I’m happy to say never ends …