Dean Martin Got His Foot Stuck in the Cement


December 28 2012:

What does Dean Martin have to do with this yummy dinner?

We’re at The Romano Casa for dinner and learned from the curator, Frank Romano, that as a young man he worked at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Frank was working the night Dean Martin came to make his footprint. Mr. Martin had been drinking a bit and his foot got stuck in the cement. Frank had to help him get his foot and shoe out of the cement. There ya go!


What Is Beyond the Universe

April 21 2017:

At dinner tonight Thomas and I were talking about time, space, and the universe. He asked me, “What’s beyond the universe?” ….

Lillian answered, “Hot dogs and chicken.” She thought he asked a completely different question!

Thomas and I looked at each other and laughed so hard, I was crying …. and coughing due to the mouthful of spicy vegetarian chili I had just put in my mouth. Laughter is good stuff and now you know what’s beyond the universe … !!! xoxo