Throwback Post: Spa Day With an Outhouse Race Adventure While Eating Donuts


October 1 2015:

Today was the day. That was wonderful. Loved the Caldarium! I hung out in the Secret Garden in the corner of the Caldarium before and after the wonderful massage. Had my own little hideout and even fell asleep for a little bit. Love that the cold plunge pool, indoor pool, and hot tub are salt water. Felt soooooooo good!!!Would love to come here again one day. So yummy!!

And since you get use of the spa all day, I went back for an hour tonight after picking Thomas up from school, feeding them dinner, reading to them, tickling them, and telling them a life story. More cold plunge, swimming, hot tubbing, and this time I experienced the steam room. WOW! That was so relaxing! Going to bed so grateful and blessed that I got to experience this!


October 1 2012:

Making their own lunch adventures for Thomas and Lillian!!!! Go Team Member T & L Go!!!


October 1 2011:

Here we come Team TLC adventure!!

Outhouse Race adventures!!!

Donut and cream cheese bar adventures!!!

Throwback Post: October Fun with Friends and Festivals


October 22 2015:

On our way to the Harvest Festival at the lodge. That was fun!


October 22 2013:

Congratulations to Emma Auriemma McKay on winning some awesome awards for her amazing artwork!! It was so heartwarming to see you Emma this past Friday …. and Susan too!! Miss you ladies! Thanks for the GREAT picture Emma! Hugs and Love to both y’all!


October 22 2012:

Update regarding the “30 Day Journey of Life” that I began last Monday … Have FUN Y’all! “First, let me clarify that this Giving Journey is not about neglecting myself and my needs and putting others first. This has EVERYTHING to do with taking care of myself.”

30 Day Giving Journey – As It Unfolds – Week 1


October 22 2011:

Picking up 2 donated iPhones from Tara in Louisiana!!! Thanks Tara!!!

Just another adventure for Team TLC!! Halloween fun and free doughboy donut and yogurt!!!

Just more adventures! We like this place!!

Throwback Post: Hot Baths in Vegas With Donuts


December 5 2013:

Tonight = Quiet, candle lit soak in a relaxing, hot bath …. Water is amazing stuff! Candles are amazing stuff! Now off to dreamland with this tune, “Three little birds outside my window ….. every little thing’s gonna be alright” … xoxo


December 5 2011:

A favorite from our Vegas Thanksgiving . . . Lillian, my Mom and Thomas at the park . . .


December 5 2009:

Dough boy donuts for dessert. Yum!!!