Throwback Post: Brainstorming Adventures While Losing Our Minds


August 12 2012:

The Romano Duo Adventure continues …. They made it to Denver yesterday and headed for Wichita this morning! Wahooooo!!!


Team TLC is brainstorming business ideas to ensure we get all THREE of us to the C18 conference next year … can’t wait to see what we come up with!!


August 12 2011:

End of VBS adventures!!!


August 12 2010:

“We never lose our minds ~ they just take a vacation sometimes! Hey, everyone needs a vacation, don’t they y’all??” –Camilla Downs


August 12 2009:

Has anyone else noticed that going to the eye doctor is kinda like taking your car to the mechanic?? We suggest you get this, too. You really should be getting this procedure done when getting your eyes checked. We also offer this test which insurance doesn’t cover. No thank you, I just want my prescription renewed so I can get some more contacts please! Just struck me as funny!!!