Kindness and Thoughtfulness and Soul Pleasing Lunch and Butter and Strawberry Love and

June 6 2018:

Went for a quick swim in between doggie walks (and one grandma check) and look what had arrived while swimming.

Thank you Kasey J. Claytor for your kindness and thoughtfulness! Can’t wait to sit and savor these.

Kasey Claytor's Books Sent to Me 6.6.18

June 7 2018:

Such an amazing and soul pleasing lunch!! Roasted eggplant garlic soup and raw vegan coconut mango cheesecake from Great Full Gardens South Meadows Reno. Romaine, cucumber, carrot, and onion salad topped with kalamata olives, cashews, pumpkin seeds and green garlic dressing with a side of dried okra; provided by me! Left me in, “That was da** good food heaven!”

Roasted Eggplant Garlic Soup 6.7.18

June 8 2018:

Oh my gosh! Why had I not seen or tried this before? I sautéed mushrooms and sweet onions with a pat of this a few nights ago. And just now melted and drizzled it over fresh popped heirloom popcorn. Good grief! So yum!!! They have nailed it. Love the ingredient list too!

Vegan Butter 6.8.18

June 9 2018:

Sweet strawberry love. I’m nearly finished eating this 2 pounds of strawberries all by myself. And look at the gift waiting in the middle for me!!! I love you too Strawberry!!!

Strawberry Heart 6.9.18

Looking at Lights Adventures and The Romano Duo and Amazing Lunch

December 19 2017:

Just back from driving around and looking at all the lights. First a stop for fries for Lillian and a chocolate shake for Thomas.

I had my treat with me already … A lovely big, box of soft tissues so I could blow my nose every few seconds! A nasty cold hitting me just as we finished Lillian’s book …. Hmmmmmm …. At least it waited until we were finished.

What fun seeing the blow up decorations dancing in the wind! The lit trees were absolutely beautiful!! Looked like lit dancing trees! xoxo

December 21 2017:

The Romano Duo have arrived! Team TLC and The Romano Duo Reunited! xoxo

December 22 2017:

Amazing lunch today!! Even more amazing company. Thank you Carolyn R Smith. I love you and am incredibly blessed by our friendship. Thank you for listening, loving, caring, and letting me do the same for you.

Totally forgot to get a picture of us. Yet! Got lots of pictures of the fabulous food. Total foodgasm!!!!

Greatful Gardens Lunch with Carolyn 12.22.17 #1 Greatful Gardens Lunch with Carolyn 12.22.17 #2 Greatful Gardens Lunch with Carolyn 12.22.17 #3 Greatful Gardens Lunch with Carolyn 12.22.17 #4