Shenanigans of the Insurance Variety

January 2 2021

Mental Health and insurance shenanigans – I spent two days last week, with another full day the week before, trying to get an appointment(s) set for Thomas for 3 different issues. 1) Mental/Emotional Health 2) IQ Test (to apply for a local school) and 3) Autism Screening.

It would be helpful if all of these could be done with the same person (psychologist), and/or the same time. Nope. First, finding someone who takes Thomas’s insurance. The IQ test is not covered unless it’s done with the autism screening. The IQ test needs to be done by end of February. Those who take his insurance for autism screening are scheduled out 6 months to TWO YEARS! Quotes for IQ test: $525 – $650. 🤯🤯🤯

I probably sent about 20 emails and placed a handful or two of phone calls. Lots of responses of not taking the insurance, and then if they do, they are booked way into the future, or they don’t see his age group. I got on a waiting list for a mental/emotional health appointment that’s only 2 months out. Waiting for a call back to set an appointment for August for the autism screening. Waiting for an email response to set an appointment for the IQ testing for this month. Each. One. With. A. Different. Person.

Fortunately, I’ve had about 19 years of experience advocating for Lillian, and I’m grateful that we do have access and options. I’m up for it, and I can handle it. Honestly, I think I’m kinda weird in that when I keep hitting dead ends, it fires me up even more, and I WILL find a solution. I be like, don’t get in my way now. I’m doing this! Hahahaha!

I just feel sad for people who can’t figure this maze of sh** out, or who have no one to advocate for them, or who need mental/emotional health help ASAP, but aren’t in a state of crisis! 💔💔💔 (A photo of something beautiful to balance this post … HA!)

February 2021 Update – I put Thomas on two waiting lists that were about 2 months long. We should be just about there with the wait. We decided not to apply to the school so we didn’t need the IQ test right away, so we’re set for August for the autism screening with IQ test. Whew!