Robot School and Java Coding Classes for Thomas


May 15 2017:

So excited for Thomas! He is embarking on a year long adventure into Robot School! This very small class will meet twice a week, for about two hours each time, to learn Java programing.

So many occurrences had to “line up” for this. I was not seeking it. I simply had thought a few times over the past several months of what would be a good fit for Thomas. And this is perfect for his “Einstein” type of mind! HA!

We were at the library last Thursday for the coding camp which is Scratch based. He’s already way past this but still wanted to attend the once per month class.

In chatting with the librarian I mentioned LEGO’s NXT Robotics. She said they had tried to get approval for having a club for this; but were denied due to the high expense of the kits (which is why Thomas doesn’t have one yet). But, she says, talk to that woman right over there about it as she heads one of the robot clubs.

I talked with her after the class and Thomas isn’t of the age yet for the club she facilitates …. BUT wait, there’s a small class happening right now in one of the library rooms where a great man who is on sabbatical from Google is teaching the kids Java code. Would he be interested in joining them? What??? Of course!

This wonderful man is volunteering his time, has put together an entire year long course, and is meeting with Thomas right now at the lodge to catch him up on the two classes he missed! Holy Moly!! Life blows my mind sometimes!! Yes! Thank You … And Bring Us More Please …. xoxoxoxoxoxo!!!!