Book Musings: The True Secret of Writing

The True Secret of Writing

This is the third of Natalie Goldberg’s books that I’ve read. By far, my favorite. Loved it so much I wanted to sleep with it next to my pillow and soak in every morsel.

The subtitle is “Connecting Life with Language”; one indication of why I find this book to be so powerful. It did my writer’s soul good to read that I am already doing some of what she shares and to learn of how much more I can be doing. Inspiring, moving, beautiful …. xoxo

Book Musings: Old Friend from Far Away

January 27 2019:

Old Friend from Far Away

I first read, “Writing Down the Bones” by Natalie Goldberg. I’d had it on my list to read more as I got so much out of this one.

Old Friend from Far Away was the second of her books I’ve read (on my 3rd now). I enjoy her writing style and the writing exercises included in the book. I’m slowly making my way through them.

This book encourages one to let loose with their own unique writing style along with teaching one how to remember and allowing forgotten memories to surface.

And, lastly it teaches one how to practice. As with anything we undertake, practicing is how we sharpen the pencil of our writing practice. I would love to attend one of her True Secret Writing Retreats. Sounds amazing! xoxo

Book Musings: Writing Down the Bones

May 12 2018:

Writing Down the Bones – Freeing the Writer Within

“The deepest secret in our heart of hearts is that we are writing because we love the world, and why not finally carry that secret out with our bodies into the living rooms and porches, backyards and grocery stores? Let the whole thing flower: the poem and the person writing the poem. And let us always be kind in this world.”

Another book I deeply loved. Enjoyed the energy of the book and would love to own this one! My reading preferences have shifted for the time being to that of books about writing, memoirs, and creative non-fiction interwoven with spirituality.

The first book that began this path was “The Right to Write” by Julia Cameron. The reading list for this topic is years long. That’s okay though as I plan on writing and reading for the rest of my days here …. xoxo

Writing Down the Bones Book April 2018