Throwback Post: Purging With Visiting While Blowing Out Candles


December 28 2013:

The packing and purging continues today! I’m accidentally lightening the load! Seem to be breaking at least one thing a day! My gripper needs some adjustment! Less stuff to pack …. I like that! I’m thinking I may invite all y’all over when I’m done and let you go shopping for anything you’d like … Simply can’t take it all with us and I don’t want to either. Y’all have been so kind and supportive! Will let you know if, when and how that unfolds … xoxo


December 28 2011:

Those AWESOME Romano people headed back home this morning!! Definitely a tad bit lonely around here today; but that’s overridden by feeling GRATEFUL and BLESSED that we got to spend one whole week with them . . . Team TLC loves them Romano people to pieces!!


December 28 2010:

WooooooHooooo y’all! Lillian just blew out a 3 wick candle . . . one wick at a time . . . and it took quite some time . . . but she blew them out all by herself! YAY Lillian! (She said to add that it was hard!)


December 28 2009:

Man, our household got the not so lovely gift of a stomach virus for Christmas! Ickkkkkkkk! I was the second one hit so I’m starting to come out of it, 3 more to go! Nausea has got to be one of THE worst sickness feelings out there! Whew! Just glad to be on the other side of it!