Congratulations to Thomas With Rainbow Prisms of a Brown Eyed Girl

January 29 2023

I never posted these sparkly photos of my heart crystal and the gorgeous lamp that The Romano Duo gave me for Christmas, taken at the end of December.

Guess I was saving it for a celebratory Thomas post. Thomas entered a game creation contest, winning first prize! I’m having a great time supporting and watching Thomas spread his wings and soar with his heart passion. I’m incredibly excited for Thomas’s future! 🎉❤️🎉

February 1 2023

In the car today we were listening to Thomas’s music. Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl came on. I commented I didn’t know he listened to Van Morrison. He said it reminds him of me, and he has a whole playlist of songs that reminds him of me, for when we don’t live together anymore. It’s full of songs that I’ve listened to throughout the years.

That’s the most thoughtful, beautiful thing anyone has said to me in a very long time. Thomas is just downright amazing.

That’s as sweet as Tupelo Honey,
better than all the tea in China in a brown paper bag,
rocks my gypsy soul,
and fills me with crazy love. ❤️😭❤️

This is my all time favorite Van Morrison song ….

.. and these two are also favorites …