Book Musings: The Remarkable Story of George Moses Horton – Poet

December 8 2018:

The Remarkable Story of George Moses Horton – Poet

A wonderful story about a determined man in the early 1800’s who loved words and loved poetry the best. George Moses Horton was a slave who taught himself to read, sold poetry to college students, and published several books.

All of this at a time when African-American literacy was discouraged, devalued, and even outlawed in this country. Horton was a person with talents and hopes and dreams, and a desire to be free. GREAT book!

Book Musings: Across a Dark Wild Sea

December 1 2018:

Across a Dark and Wild Sea

Interesting book about Columcille who was born in a remote corner of Ireland in the year 521. He grew up to become a monk and a scribe. This was a thousand years before the invention of printing and books had to be copied by hand.

We really enjoy Don Brown’s books and illustrations. This one too!

Book Musings: A Passion for Elephants

November 17 2018:

A Passion for Elephants – A Real Life Adventure of Field Scientist Cynthia Moss

In this fun book we learned about Cynthia Moss who was born in 1940. She has spent the past 41 years living with and studying the elephants in Amboseli National Park in Kenya.

In 1972 she established the Amboseli Elephant Research Project in Amboseli National Park with Harvey Croze; which is 150 square miles of protected land in southern Kenya.

Great to learn about Cynthia Moss. We enjoyed this one too!

Book Musings: Rediscovering Life – Awaken to Reality

November 3 2018:

Rediscovering Life – Awaken to Reality by Anthony de Mello

Attachment, desire, happiness, and freedom …. It’s all revealed in this wonderful and powerful book! When I find a book that moves me, I read it about a half dozen times consecutively. On my second round with this one. xoxo

Book Musings: Biomimicry

October 27 2018:

Biomimicry – Inventions Inspired by Nature

Learning from nature. Things that nature have been doing for millions of years and applying this to sustainable living here on Earth. Thomas and I loved skimming the surface of learning about biomimicry in this book. Lillian enjoyed it too! Can’t wait to learn more!!!

Book Musings: Black Whiteness

October 6 2018:

Black Whiteness – Admiral Byrd Alone in the Antarctic

We so very much enjoyed learning about Admiral Richard Byrd’s Antarctica adventure. He spent six months alone on the continent of Antarctica in 1934. We liked it so much I reserved from the library his autobiography and another juvenile book about his journey. Awesome book!!