Old Treasures: Romano’s Downtown Bowl – Yuma, Arizona

February 21 2023

I recently helped Lillian organize her closet and found the stash of pencils Frank gave to us. Frank’s dad, Frank, owned a bowling alley in Yuma, Arizona in the early 60’s.

The erasers held up as one would expect for a 60 something year old eraser! Hard as bricks! Otherwise they are great!

We will never run out of pencils. I suspect this stash (more than pictured) will outlast me! 🎳🎳🎳

I was inspired after sharing the pencils photo on social media. Look what I found! A 1960’s postcard with the bowling alley pictured! So cool! I love digging into things like this! It’s like a treasure hunt. 💝

Now I’m inspired to make this into a gift for my step-father. I’ve ordered the postcard from a seller on eBay. I’ll pair it with a couple of pencils and see if I can find a 60’s photo of his dad. I’m so excited! (Any Romanos who see this: Don’t tell Frank. It’s a surprise.)