Thomas and Camilla January 2020 Date Day

January 16 2020

Thomas and Camilla January 2020 Date Day

First stop: We walked to Ike’s Sandwiches. I’ve been wanting to try this place as they have an abundance of vegan options. I mean, vegan Dutch crunch bread!! This is a photo of my sandwich, I think it was called a MacDaddy or something like that. Enjoyed with a side of fries. I was only able to eat half of it. Pretty good.

The almost all white photo is what we walked back and forth in. We had planned on going for a trail walk when finished with lunch, but, we were kind of wet (and cold) when we got back.

So … Change of plans, Thomas wanted me to play Deltarune. I did much better this time around.

Ended with a game of Monopoly. Love date days!!! ♥️♥️♥️

Throwback Post: May 2013 Thomas and Camilla Date Day


May 25 2013:

First stop on the Thomas/Camilla May date day …. Picnic in the park, relaxing, badminton and playing!!

Second stop on the Thomas/Camilla May date day!!! Using our imaginations and having a ball … This place is the exact opposite of simplicity …. It’s a FUN place to play though!!!

Throwback Post: Thomas and Camilla May 2015 Date Day


May 23 2015:

Thomas n Camilla May 2015 date day Part 1 …. Lunch …. YUM!! Thomas wanted to leave a 50 billion dollar tip. He kinda liked it!!

Thomas n Camilla May 2015 date day Part 2 –

Thomas n Camilla May 2015 Date Day – Part 3 … Such a great little park along the Truckee River. Got rained on pretty good too .. Wahoo!!!



Thomas and Camilla October 2019 Date Day

October 25 2019:

Thomas and Camilla October 2019 Date Day

First stop: Sandwich and ice-cream for Thomas – One scoop each of Apple Cheesecake and Fresh Mint Chip. Small scoop of Golden Milk for me.

Next stop was Bartley Ranch Park to have a look at the photography exhibit. Ending with a lovely walk around the park, with great conversation!

Thomas and Camilla September 2019 Date Day

September 30 2019:

Thomas and Camilla September 2019 Date Day

First stop: Window shopping for costume ideas.

Second stop: Ice cream – Tiramisu and Oktober Fest for Thomas. Pumpkin roasted coconut for me. Oh my! That was so good!

Last stop: Audrey Harris Park to eat our yummy ice cream and then a walk around the loop. Beautiful and gorgeous day and a wonderful and fun date day with Thomas.

Thomas and Camilla Date Day August 2019

August 30 2019:

Thomas and Camilla August 2019 Date Day

First stop was India Kabob buffet for lunch. Completely forgot pictures of the lovely food! Yum!!!

Second was a stop to buy a can of cleaning duster for Thomas so he could clean his laptop. He’s been asking for months!

Next, we popped into Barnes & Noble to pick up Lillian’s poster from the book signing event last June.

And last, the pet store to window shop. These sweet geckos were quite entertaining. The little guy on the roof started out on the branch. We watched him stretch as far as possible, grasp the roof, fall back to the branch, hanging on by the tail, and then do it all over again. It was beautiful and fun to watch. Love our date days!!

Thomas and Camilla July 2019 Date Day

July 16 2019:

Thomas and Camilla July 2019 Date Day

Lunch and a movie!

Burger and onion rings for Thomas. Southwest veggie burger in a lettuce wrap with garlic fries for me.

Movie – Spider Man Far From Home

Short and sweet this time as I’ve still got much to do before we leave Thursday morning!

Thomas and Camilla June 2019 Date Day

July 2 2019

Thomas and Camilla June 2019 Date Day ….

First – Car picnic at Audrey Harris Park – low budget style … burger and fries for Thomas and for dessert, a few salt water taffy pieces for Thomas and ginger spice drops for me. Pictures of the view at Audrey Harris Park – Beautiful!

Last stop – Little Washoe Lake for some digging in the sand! We dug a huge hole. Check out the canal we dug! And, look! I’m made of bubbles! Knew it!! 🏝💚💙

Throwback Post – Thomas and Camilla May 2014 Date Day


May 10 2014

Mini date with Thomas today. Looked at a place for rent, went to Stone Age and had an amazing time looking at all the rocks and crystals and got us a few goodies too, then looking at guinea pigs, birds and fish!! Cold and rainy so we decided against our usual outdoor date style!! Now, if we could just combine the library/used book store and the Stone Age store into the Team TLC house … WOW!! I don’t know if we’d ever want to leave!! xoxo

It’s hard to get this one to stand still!! xoxo

We had a ball laughing with this goldfish. He was amazing!!!

Good Golly!! This place is fabulous … Stone Age .. Full of all kinds of amazing goodies! Got a chunk of opal, white quartz, and fuschsite, a gorgeous amethyst pendulum, a green aventurine pendent and a special little goody for Thomas and Lillian for Mother’s Day. YES! I am going to give each of them a gift tomorrow! I do it different around here! xoxo


Thomas and Camilla May 2019 Date Day

May 14 2019:

Thomas and Camilla May 2019 Date Day …

First stop: Burger Me for a veggie burger and garlic fries for me, cowboy burger and onion rings for Thomas.

Second stop: Avengers Endgame … It’s been 2 or 3 years since I’ve been to a theater. Tuesday afternoon seems like a great time to go! Not full. And quiet!

I’ve not seen ANY of these Avenger movies and was able to follow it pretty good. Thomas filled me in briefly before the show and filled in the rest afterwards.

Love date days with Thomas!! 😍😍😍

He loved the movie. One of his favorite scenes was the end with the classic good guy vs bad guy scene. He loved the music, especially “The Portal” which is the music for this scene. He had a favorite character and lines also.

I am so happy I took him to see this. It is such a joy to watch one’s child developing their own interests and to learn about these interests and their likes and dislikes. He’s definitely got an ear for soundtracks in movies and online games. He knows things about them, I never even knew about this topic. Like the psychology behind the notes and such.

He also has an eye for movies … Things I can’t even begin to describe as I don’t even know the wording. I can’t wait to see where he goes with his strengths and knowledge.