Snow Globe While Playing the Keyboard On a Balance Stool

January 26 2021

We were in a snow globe this morning …

January 31 2021

Thank you, Gerry Foster McCarroll!! Thomas is ready for his private piano lessons beginning tomorrow! We used to have one of these for many years, passing it on when we moved last year.

Thomas got a new midi keyboard Christmas 2019. With online lessons we needed a non midi keyboard. Friends to the rescue. I love the idea of passing things around to each other, instead of always buying brand new (when it works).

February 4 2021

In my mission to hopefully help my back to never do what it did 3 weeks ago, a new desk chair. It’s an adjustable ergonomic active balance stool.

I don’t have a desk yet, I’ll get that next month. I can use this at the kitchen table or the makeshift desk I made using a keyboard stand and piece of wood. I’ve been sitting on the couch working on my laptop for longer than I care to admit. Time to get my rear off the couch. 💥💥💥