Trees Are A Most Penetrating Preacher

This moved me to the core when I read it recently. My eyes were sweating droplets of love as it spoke to my soul. I have never felt the way about trees, and Nature in general, that I feel now and the connection continues to deepen. Thank you Hermann Hesse … xoxo “For me, trees have always been the most penetrating preachers … Go here to read more …

Trees Preach the Ancient Laws of Life

Book Musings: The Hidden Life of Trees

May 6 2017:

The Hidden Life of Trees – What They Feel, How They Communicate

A wonderful book that came into my life at just the right moment! Using scientific discoveries the author describes how trees are like human families. Specifically, how they communicate, support one another, share nutrients, and warn one another of dangers.

The Hidden Life of Trees Book 2016