Happy Birthday Camilla – The Sun is Shining Through My Windows

April 17 2020:

I had been holding off on posting this as there were to be further celebrations. COVID19 had other plans. So ….. to be continued …

March 12 2020

Happy Belated Birthday to me!!! Daiya Salted Caramel Swirl and daffodils. There were too many things happening on the day of, and following weeks, so celebrations were put on hold. 🎉💚💛💚💛💚💛🎉

Plus, the Romano Duo stopped by with a brand new fluffy robe. I’ve had the current one since 2006 or 2007. It’s been past it’s prime for quite a while! ♥️♥️♥️

February 26 2020 – The Actual Birthday Day

The sun is shining through my windows
I can see beautiful Mount Rose from where I sit on our comfy new couch
I’m sitting on this new couch, in our new place, with a bit more elbow room
I’m having my second cup of medium dark Sumatra coffee
I’ve cleared my calendar and only doing what pleases me today
We shall see what the day holds
The first day of my 50th year on this magnificent, magical ball spinning in space
I wish for all of you a moment, or more, of serenity on this day
If you’d like to help me celebrate, and are moved to do so, I would be ecstatic and deeply grateful for you to splurge on one of our books … Much love, love, love to all of YOU!! xoxo … https://camilladowns.com/books/

Thanks to my daddy for treating us to dinner, so I could skip cooking dinner, and celebrate this half century day. Thanks to Great Full Gardens for taking online orders, so he could treat us.

For me: Jackfruit soft tacos with new harvest pea shoots, avocado, salsa, Mexican rice, Great Full white beans, and all sorts of yummy sauces, along with cashew cheese, jalapeño aioli, and cashew sour cream. My new favorite dish!!! Yum!! (I was kinda, really hungry by the time we sat to eat; hence, the blurry photo of my food!) Followed by an incredibly large, moist vegan double chocolate chip cookie (which I got for free since it’s my birthday!!)

Thomas: Magical mushroom blend … Organic cacao, chaga, reishi, lion’s mane, turkey tail, cordyceps, and maple syrup. He loves this super food beverage. Followed by a pastrami Reuben with House made coleslaw. Ending with a double chocolate chip cookie.

Lillian: She’s not a fan of the menu there, so I grabbed her an order of fries from Burger Me to go with her usual dinner. Followed by a giant snickerdoodle cookie.

After a couple of hours, Thomas and I had a root beer float, with Coconut Bliss dark chocolate “ice cream”.

Now … I may just have a quick solo dance party to end the day. We will have a do over day on Friday or Saturday, or maybe next week sometime, to celebrate a bit more. I won’t sugar coat it. Beginning yesterday about 4:00 pm, a nightmare began for two people who mean the world to me, something no family member ever wants to experience. It’s been tempered by all of your lovely and thoughtful messages. Thank you all very much for that!!

February 1 2020

Today begins my birth month … the 26th is the actual day. This is a big one for me as I’m leaving the 40’s behind and laying claim to the gold! I plan to do at least 50 kind and nurturing things for myself this year, perhaps many more.

One of those is taking the initiative and asking friends, family, and acquaintances to write a note about the following: How and when we met, your fondest memory, craziest thing we did together, funnest thing we did together, most grounding thing we did together, whatever … and I will make this into a coffee table type book for myself. You can include a photo of us if you’d like, or I’ll add that later. Please don’t hold back. At this point in my life, I have nothing to hide.

I’ve decided I cannot wait around for someone to do these kind things for me, I cannot wait for someone else to nurture and love me. So, I will step into that role for myself. YAY! This will be fun! You can post it here, message it to me, text it to me, email me, leave a comment on my blog. Whatever is easiest for you.

My theme for this year is Rejuvenate, with the two words Nurture and Kind. I wasn’t going to choose a theme and words this year. Yet, this month I realized just how far the last half of 2019 took me to my knees. 2019’s theme was Meet My Edge, and, WOW 💥💥💥💥💥… Did that happen. I just kept barreling through, feeling when I had time, bypassing when I didn’t. For my own sanity and health, this must be the year of rejuvenating.

I am blessed and grateful for all of you and I deeply thank you in advance for all who choose to help me in my 1st act of kindness and nurturing towards myself. All my love … xoxo

Photo from last year’s birthday. The one that blew in with 60 mile an hour winds, knocking power out for about 3 hours. Will see if the celebrations can be a bit milder this time around … HA!

Messages …

from Barbara Chastain … Oh! 50 is WONDERFUL, as are the years following. The saying that “life begins at 50” has been true in my experience. For my 50th, I invited EVERYONE I knew to come to my party, and I made a little scroll for each person, letting them know who they were for me. Enjoy this birthday month, Camilla, each and every moment is YOURS!🎉💖

from Rachel Flower … Happy 50!!! I remember when team TLC came up to Incline and we played in the pool. So fun just hanging out on a beautiful afternoon. I also remember our “Do it Different” adventure! So much love to you!

Thank you Rachel Janaallen Flower! Thank you for being the first one to share and thank you for the wonderful memories! I remember the time I came up there alone and you and I went to Hidden Beach and had the MOST RELAXING time!! Ahhhhh ….. I plan to do more of that this year. Plus, we are a bit closer now. Off of Mt Rose Hwy, just above the Summit Sierra Mall. Hope we can connect some time this year! Our feet, having a wonderful time in the Lake Tahoe sand. xoxo

from Kat Simmons …. eWomen in Reno. I will never forget that breakfast in that sunny atrium kind of restaurant at the end of the conference. There were some big goals and breakthroughs set. I also remember there were some tears around that table. It was a definable moment and you have always been in my heart since then. We share the same bday month, mime is on the 11th. Celebrate yourself all month long and everyday thereafter because you are just one amazing woman. I know I have pics but there are not on this laptop, if I can find them I will share.

This is the only one I can find with both of us in it. I know there’s one of just you and I, at least, I thought there was. I remember the breakfast that you and I shared together one morning before sessions began. We shared much with one another during that short breakfast. I remember the breakfast at the end of the conference too. Both were wonderful. Much love to you, Kat Simmons! ❤️

Camilla Downs It was a great time, lots of love, hope, tears and fears were shared. Did we even have iPhones back then, lol. Where are all my pics pre iCloud, probably still on my other computer. Oh boy did we dance too. Big fun. – Kat

from Yvon Stokkink … Winds started taking you to your edge right from the start, huh? Hope this one starts with some rejuvenating sunshine.

Me too, Yvon Stokkink!!! This is the year of Me and My Kids … taking it back to Team TLC .. We are all in need of rejuvenation … 2021 will be our year to rise from the rest. For now …. slow and easy, slow and easy … Much love to YOU! xoxo

My favorite memory was meeting you in person and hugging you. I loved giving you a real life hug, eating a delicious lunch together with Lilian and Thomas, swimming in the pool. Such a beautiful day. – Yvon

This was the absolute best, Yvon Stokkink!!! Still hoping one day soon we’ll come visit your country and we can share real life hugs again!! We are now using the tin; which contained those amazing goodies, to store Thomas and Lillian’s suckers!! Hope you have an amazing time viewing the Northern Lights!!! xoxo

And then the actual hug…

Digital card Lillian made for me …

Click the below link to see the card in action: