Chad Basil the First – Cat Tree Perfection With Content Relaxation

May 19 2022

Beautiful Basil. He loves his new cat tree, perfect height for his lookout spot. If we don’t know where he is, I just have Thomas start talking, and Basil appears. Basil adores being loved on by Thomas. He’s also enjoying being allowed in Lillian’s room.

May 27 2022

Basil sure knows how to relax.

Sweet Kitty Climbing the Shower Curtain While Adoring Thomas – Basil Update

April 27 2022

Basil lets us pick him up now, and we can sit beside him without him leaving. He’s still not liking sitting in Thomas’s lap, but I’m sure that will come with time.

For anyone new to the Chad Basil the First updates: Basil is my 16 year old son’s rescue cat, adopted in December as emotional support. Basil spent the first month under Thomas’s bed, not allowing us near him. We’ve come a long way. 🎉🖤🎉

Yesterday afternoon, during my 3rd Zoom session of the day, I heard an odd noise coming from Thomas’s bathroom. When I checked into it, I found a sweet kitty climbing the shower curtain.

April 30 2022

Basil adores his Thomas. When Thomas enters the room, Basil stops what he’s doing, and goes to Thomas. It’s the sweetest to watch them together.

Chad Basil the First Update – Three Months

March 12 2022

Chad Basil the First update. Basil has been with us for three months now.

He has completely abandoned his original safe space under Thomas’s bed.

His favorite toys are his bouncy rubber balls, and his new play mat. He probably has more bouncy balls than any cat ever.

He loves his water fountain (definitely drinking lots of water now), and bird watching.
He even helped with the vacuuming. 🤣😂🤣 And has the cutest paws! 🐾

Basil is finally purring, kneading, and giving love bites and licks. We still can’t pick him up. I’m betting by the next update or two, that may have changed.

Lillian has begun to cat proof her room so that Basil can explore, as he’s not been allowed in her room. She still hasn’t touched him, but enjoys watching him play, and takes lots of photos of him.

We tried to put his collar on him. He lost his spine, turning into a wet noodle flipping and flopping, over and over, until he eventually got the collar caught in his mouth! 😱 Took us a while to get him calm, and to trust Thomas to cut it off. I think we’ll wait a while before trying that again.

Please enjoy this rather large photo dump of Basil, plus two short videos. 🤣😂🤣

Basil is in competition with my nature photographs, to see which I have the most of on my phone.

We love Basil. Thank you to Thomas for being persistent with his requests for a cat, and for choosing Chad Basil the First. ❤️❤️❤️ Thomas is doing a great job at being Basil’s caretaker. He takes care of the food, water, and litter box. And I get to spoil Basil. Perfect!

Chad Basil the First Update – A Month and a Half

January 22 2022

Chad Basil the First update. Basil has been with us a month and a half now. 🤍🐈‍⬛🤍

He’s leaving the safety underneath Thomas’s bed more, exploring more of his new home. His litter box and food are now out of Thomas’s room. Basil knows that’s still his safe space though.

He likes to play with the wand toy, and will play with me now. He’s still not ready to be touched, giving us lots of laughs. I was playing with Basil. He landed on my slippers, jumped up and hissed at my slippers. 😂🤣😂

Love when he hides under my bed. 😂🤣😂 See photo of a Basil tail. I’ve had to send him to his room a couple of nights, as that’s when he wants to explore and make noise, waking me up.

Just this past week, he got the courage to jump. Up until then he had not left the floor! He’s discovered Thomas’s window sill, and the birds feeding at the bird feeder.

For about an hour last night, he slept on Thomas’s desk. First time he’s slept anywhere other than under Thomas’s bed. 👏👏👏

Basil had his first case of the zoomies last night, too. At the same time I was going to bed. He nearly got sent to his room. 😂😳😂

Chad Basil the First – One Month Update

January 8 2022

Basil has been with us a month now. I finally got to take my own photo of him last night.

He’s making great progress. He actually lets me see him now, will play with his favorite toy with me, has smelled my fingers and toes, and doesn’t run when he hears my voice.

He’s getting more comfortable with Thomas, letting Thomas touch him, and coming out from under the bed more often.

He’s also getting more brave, and mischievous. He’s been exploring the house in the middle of the night, leaving bits of his findings on the living room floor.

Look who came into the living room last night, while I was still awake! 🥰🥰🥰 I think he would have stayed longer, but he heard voices coming from outside, and got spooked.