Throwback Post: Friends With Advent Calendars, Christmas Lights and Movies at the Library


December 1 2014:

The interesting things that come into your life when you are connected with people all over the world due to deleted genetic material from one’s daughter’s 18th chromosome.

Thomas’s class got assigned Australia for their multicultural report this year. Thomas chose Victoria. He’s finished all his research and is working on the creative piece now of displaying some of what he learned. I mentioned to him that we’ve got more than several C18 friends in Australia. Let’s look and see if any of them live in Victoria and we can see if she would like to send a post card or something. Hot Diggity Dog!

Thanks Deb Goodrick for playing along and sending some goodies to Thomas! Can’t wait for him to put it all together! So blessed by the kindness and enthusiasm of others!


December 1 2013:

Yes Katharine Newman! It’s a big hit! Especially last night after watching the Nutcracker. Left the projector connected and had fun looking at it really big, putting the giant puzzles together, and making huge snowflakes! Thank YOU! xoxo

YAY me! Got lights up in the front and back! I’m glad I have such a sense of humor. I was cracking myself up with some of less than wise moves I was making. Stringing lights with the plug in on the wrong end, hearing at least 2 of the ceramic bulbs pop as they hit the ground and trying to hammer nails into this crumbly stucco exterior (and seeing the nails fly all over)! We’ll see how long the scotch tape holds up in the back! HA! I have two happy, happy kids too!! Totally worth it! xoxo


December 1 2012:

I am so lucky!! Got a weather report delivered to me in bed this morning at 6:30 am by Weather Fairy Lillian!! This young lady cannot begin her day without 10-30 minutes of weather observations, AND she must share it with others! Then I treated myself to some yummy vanilla cinnamon tea in front of the fire! There’s nothing like quiet time! Happy December 1st y’all!!


Lillian ran out of books. Here we are, What would this Team TLC do without libraries?


Gets me EVERY time. Team TLC Movie Night Adventures for tonight.


December 1 2011:

Another favorite from Red Rock Canyon.


So full of gratitude tonight for all the amazing beautiful friends and family in my life. I’m gonna have one of these fancy yummy chocolates I bought tonight, read some and go to sleep full of happiness and peace {and chocolate}, and cherish my last night of me time!

Being Silly With a Herbst Appliance

December 16 2021

Sunday night we drove through the light display at Washoe Campgrounds. It was fun to have all of Team TLC in the car, being silly together.

December 16 2021

Tightening of the herbst appliance, and upper braces added yesterday. Next appointment is in February to tighten the herbst appliance again. Thank you to all who helped make this happen.