Last Dentist Visit for Now – Camilla

June 16 2020

Last visit for now = very crooked smile from upper right side being numb. Four visits, eight teeth addressed. One last tooth which can wait for a while as we give my mouth and teeth a break for a bit. Incredibly happy and blessed that my teeth have finally gotten the care they have needed for so many years.

First Two Teeth Fixed – Hallelujah

May 11 2020

First two teeth down = crooked smile, left side of face numb. I’ve never been more thrilled about dentist visits! In and out in less than an hour and I didn’t feel anything (pain, that is). Still can’t feel anything! Ha! Next two getting addressed next Monday.

After about 13 years of not being in a financial position to address my teeth; I am damn well pleased for myself too!! Hallelujah!!! Love got me through …

I know first hand why and how teeth get neglected. For those that have Medicaid, it only pays for teeth to be extracted. That’s it. Fu**ing ridiculous! If I had to choose between dental and health insurance, I’d choose dental. I’m extremely grateful that after about 13 years of discomfort, I found a dentist I like, and that I’m finally able to afford having the work done. Such a relief …