Deeply Relaxing When the Bath Water Meets a Peanut Butter Cookie

April 3 2020

Something I find deeply relaxing. Not just a nearly too hot, epsom salt soak. That paired with this ….

The sound of the water as it fills the tub, the sound of the water as I ease into it, the sound of the water when I move around, the gurgling sound as the water drains through the overflow, the plopping sound of the water as it drips from the faucet landing in the tub water, the smell of the water, the silky feel of it against my skin, the feel of the tiny bubbles as they glide across my legs, and finally the sound of the water as it drains from the tub. Ahhhh …. off to dream land now.

April 5 2020

Seriously, y’all! I had just cleaned it, the water was beautiful and clear, I went in to check it, eating said chocolate chip peanut butter cookie, leaned over the tub as I took a bite, and there it went. A mid-size crumb, smack down into my pristine, beautiful tub of water. I mean. Who does such silly crap?