Throwback Post: Life Lessons With Fresh Flowers and Dancing


September 30 2015:

Just pressed the “send” button for an article submission which has to do with love, peace, and life lessons. Here’s one of the pictures I submitted with it. Thanks tons to everyone who voted on your favorite rock heart!

Oceans of thanks to Karen Nuckolls Stuart for reviewing the article and Darrell N Lois Solet(Lois) for reviewing and stepping in as my editing fairy godmother! She made it shine before I sent it to the article submission ball! I’ll let y’all know how it goes! xoxo


September 30 2014:

Just delivered to the Good Samaritan’s dad. Grateful to him for putting the spare tire on Rosey yesterday so spreading kindness and love to his dad who has Parkinson’s. Be a wave in the ocean of love and spread love and kindness today! xoxo


September 30 2012:

Go Cheri Go!! Dancing with Our Reno Celebrity Stars!! It’s kinda dark in here y’all!!


September 30 2009:

Mom & Frank C. Romano Jr just got back from Mississippi! Mmmmmmmmmm boiled peanuts!!!!!!!!! I sure do miss my southern & cajun food!!!


Lillian’s latest school picture.

Throwback Post: Good Samaritan With Flowers and a Beautiful Day


September 29 2014:

Thank you to the Good Samaritan who put the spare tire on Rosey. About 5 minutes after I asked for help on here, this gentleman was getting something out of his trunk parked next to me. I asked if he had time to put the spare on for me. Absolutely. He accidentally parked in the school parking lot.

He and his wife and daughter are here all the way from Hawaii visiting his dad in the senior rehabilitation center next door to HDMS middle school. His dad has Parkinson’s disease. As a thank you I gave all of them pieces of the almond cookie cake (with cream cheese frosting) that I had just served in Lillian’s classroom for her class birthday celebration.

The Good Samaritan even took the time to teach Thomas how to remove the flat tire and put on the spare. I say, Ask and ye shall receive …. And know that everything’s gonna be okay. xoxo

I know I can do anything if I must … And, although I know that there are people in this World who are so disconnected that they are unkind and have unkind motives; I do not feel I would attract such a person (and if they were near, my intuition would steer me clear). Location and the amount of other people in the area are something to consider too. We were in the school parking lot during dismissal with families coming and going in daylight hours. If it had been night time, in an unfamiliar place, and the only people in the parking lot; I perhaps would have handled differently. Lots of love and hugs to all y’all! xoxo Here’s what I delivered this morning to the Good Samaritan’s dad …


September 29 2013:


September 29 2012:

What a beautiful day … Beautiful place …. Just simply beautiful!!!! Come on down y’all!!

Top honorees from last night’s Plum100 Celebration Awards Show:

Artists & Icons: Grae Warren, Reno Tahoe Tonight
Community Leaders: Pete Parker, Summer of Service & NPCatalyst
Charity Drivers: Marty Ozer, Ronald McDonald House
Foodies: John Pinocchio, Pinocchio’s Bar and Grill
Risk Takers & Visionaries: Chris Riche, Discovery Museum
Business Owners & Industry Experts: Toni Suttie, Integrity Casting
Extraordinary: Camilla Downs, D iz for Different
Scientists & Tech Savvy: Eren Ozmen, Sierra Nevada Corporation
Super Heroes: Michael Hernandez, Reno Fire Chief
Beautiful Minds: Wendy Calvin, Geology-University of Nevada, Reno

Thank you to everyone within the Plum100 you are all incredible and influential.



September 29 2011:

It’s official! I’m now a certified Trainer/Presenter for AssistiveWare’s Proloquo2Go! YeeeeeHaaaawwwww!!! Thanks David and AssistiveWare!!!


September 29, 2009:

Thomas just came in here brushing his teeth & commenting “brushing my teeth so I don’t lose them”! Wish I could come up with such good & funny comments effortlessly!e & rec’d an offer on it . . . . Wondering if it’s a reasonable offer. Thanks y’all!!