Dentist, Here I Come

April 21 2020

Just made a dentist appointment as I can put this off no longer. I cried when I hung up. Not sure why. Maybe from the relief of knowing I’ll finally be getting my teeth and gums addressed after years and years of discomfort. Whew .. My teeth and gums continue to cause me to feel sick, and more sick by the day! Hallelujah!! I will have relief soon!! That will call for a celebration!

I’ve got issues that have needed addressed for about 5 or more years, and have not have the finances to address. Well … they’ve just gotten worse. I have a massive headache nearly every day and my shoulders and neck are killing me. Seriously, I feel it in my bones. I am beyond ready to have it ALL fixed.

Anymore, when I feel like crying, I cry. I know it’s good for me, it’s releasing and I feel relaxed afterwards. I was on the verge of making the call before the virus hit, but had been procrastinating. Then, figured I’d wait til it’s over. However, I just cannot take how lousy I feel anymore. I only have a few good days each week. Thank goodness for CBD oil! It has kept me from going insane!

I haven’t had a dentist since I divorced in 2007, nor the money to see one. I’ve gone here and there to address acute issues. But this time, if I’ve found the right dentist for me, I’m getting everything fixed. Appointment set for May 1st … I’m actually excited!