Throwback Post: Miniature Golf With Love Cards While Dr. Seuss Takes a Shower


July 23 2015:

I’m so happy that Daniel is Thomas’ “Big Brother”!! Thank you Cathy Johannsen!!


Look what just came in the mail! Thomas’ Love Cards! Just in time to take with us to Salt Lake City and spread some love!! Psst: If you’ll be there and see these floating around, don’t tell anyone it’s Team TLC. Let me know if you’d like some of your own to spread love with. xoxo


July 23 2012:

Seuss on the Loose Camp Adventures for Team Member T!!!


July 23 2011:

Message from Lillian:

“Did you have fun at the Farewell Dance Party? Were you at swimming at the swimming pool (for those who commented)? I like the “Tonight is gonna be a good night”. And it is true this time! So do you want to hear a joke? Knock Knock. Who’s there? Kat. Kat Simmons! Tell this to your partner to joke around. So anyway I hope you will join us! Hope to see you on plane!” – Lillian


July 23 2010:

What the shower looks like after Thomas has been in there. This kid lives it up! Has fun no matter what he’s doing!